John Anderson is a television critic for The Wall Street Journal and a contributor to The New York Times.
Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury (photo: Fox)
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonNovember 01, 2018
Queen’s Freddie Mercury was pop’s most flamboyant performer—a closeted icon who rode a gay aesthetic to stardom.
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonOctober 12, 2018
Damien Chazelle’s "First Man" is a remarkably idiosyncratic movie, given the usual heroic/fantastic presentation on screen of space travel—or anything involving the heavens.
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonOctober 04, 2018
“A Star Is Born” is not only among the most self-reflective of Hollywood vehicles but the most resilient; when clichés work they are called conventions.
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonSeptember 14, 2018
The film tells the story of Louie Zamperini, who spent 47 days at sea before being rescued, imprisoned and tortured by the Japanese.
In “The Apparition,” a 16-year-old novice named Anna reports a vision of the Blessed Virgin (image: Music Box Films).
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonSeptember 07, 2018
In Xavier Giannoli’s new movie, an intrepid reporter is asked by the Vatican to compile a report on a reputed miracle.
The director Ernst Lubitsch with Garry Cooper and Claudette Colbert (photo: Alamy.com)
Arts & Culture Books
John AndersonAugust 31, 2018
Censors “complained that they knew what Lubitsch was saying, but they couldn’t figure out how he was saying it.” 
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonAugust 31, 2018
The relationship between Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her husband, Marty, is a huge part of why “RBG” has struck a chord with audiences.
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonAugust 01, 2018
Her gift for solving puzzles is not a superpower. It is not a cure for cancer. But it is an indication that, inside, Agnes has untapped intellect.
Author Andrew Solomon and his father, Howard Solomon, in Rachel Dretzin’s documentary "Far From the Tree." (Courtesy of Sundance Selects.)
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonJuly 20, 2018
The documentary version of Andrew Solomon's book emphasizes the love parents have for children with autism, deafness and other unexpected identities.
Elsie Fisher (photo: A24)
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonJuly 16, 2018
Bo Burnham’s new movie is a joyous reminder that 13 is not, in fact, the best year of your life.