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With in-depth news and analysis and spiritual resources, America Media leads the conversation with fearless reporting, challenging perspectives and nourishing news. We bring 111 years of history that is both empowering and inspiring by continuously producing content that says something different, offers a different opinion or perspective and showcases a voice that asks the unconsidered, better question.

Our voice is inspirational, accessible and unique, bringing consumers what they need now more than ever across digital, audio, video and events, and in our flagship magazine, America, published since 1909.

Influential, affluent and educated, our subscribers are a dual community of engaged influencers. They are the decision-makers and opinion leaders in the contemporary American church.

We are more than a media resource. We are a partner every step of the way.


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Sources: Google Analytics, 2019 Subscriber Studies, Megaphone Data
** Six-month average

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America Media offers integrated marketing solutions to promote and engage your brand with our community of responsive consumers.

  • High-impact ad units
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  • Audio, video and event sponsorships
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