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Sir David Amess, one of the most prominent Catholic politicians in the U.K. Parliament, was stabbed repeatedly by a man who sprinted into his offices at noon Oct. 15.
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Kevin Jackson
Kyrie Irving had no chance to convince us that he was a neutral party in the vaccine debate because the style of his speech would not allow it.
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On Oct. 27, 2018, 11 people attending Shabbat services were killed at the ​​Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburg. When the public’s attention moved on, journalist Mark Oppenhiemer didn’t look away.
Suspected gang members are presented to the media in San Salvador, El Salvador, in November 2020. (CNS photo/Jose Cabezas, Reuters)
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Kevin Clarke
El Salvador’s contemporary death squads do not engage in political liquidation. Their targets have largely been criminal suspects or innocent bystanders caught up in the violence.
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Gloria Purvis
Division Street ran through Atchison, Kan. It divided the community along racial lines until a local advocacy group, Atchison United, lobbied to change it. But some Catholics in the city resisted the effort.
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Christopher Braun wrote an article for America, “Is violent revenge against terrorists moral? Just war theory says no.” The following responses were submitted shortly after the article was published.