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Jesuits West, which covers 10 western states, said its internal investigation found credible allegations against 111 priests, brothers or priests in training who were connected to it dating back to 1950.
The Vatican convened a conference with medical experts and representatives of drug companies and humanitarian agencies on Dec. 6-7, 2018 to study pediatric HIV and how to care for children with the illness.
The Vatican's Migration and Refugees Section has urged the adoption of nonbinding global compacts concerning the protection and care of migrants and refugees.
Tom Kean December 07, 2018
Since 2001, attacks worldwide have increased fivefold. From the Sahara Desert to cyberspace, Islamist militants continue to find innovative new ways to extend their reach.
It is understandable to react with anger to dehumanizing speech, but a thoughtful approach can help to de-escalate tensions. (iStock/Juanmonino)
Saadia Ahmad December 06, 2018
Confronted with a political candidate’s Islamophobic language, the author chose not to walk away or to pounce in anger, but to reach across a divide.
"He has a great capacity for synthesis, and his doors are open to all, whether to those in government or to those in opposition."