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Politics & SocietyVantage Point
James T. Keane
The death yesterday in a Russian penal colony of Alexei Navalny might naturally bring to mind the story of Walter Ciszek, S.J., the famed American Jesuit who spent 23 years in Soviet captivity.
Young men and women stand in line outside a polling place with a "Vote Here" sign.
Politics & SocietyFaith and Reason
Kathleen Bonnette
Protecting democracy is critical this year and beyond. But as Catholics we should use the power of the vote to promote the common good, rather than to protect our own interests.
Two boys stand on a swing set in front of a modern, mid-rise apartment building.
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Addison Del Mastro
Housing is an extension of people and of the family, and we can’t ignore the need for more housing simply because we don't want our neighborhoods to change.
Politics & SocietyThe Weekly Dispatch
Kevin Clarke
“Tell me, how does climate change drive someone to hack a person to death with a machete?”
Politics & SocietyNews
Lauretta Brown
“We humbly seek the Lord’s grace for the healing of all those who were impacted by this tragic event,” said Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City following a shooting at the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade.
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Robert David Sullivan
It is not democratic, with a small “d,” for major media outlets to simply ignore concerns shared by a wide majority of the electorate.