Father Gabriele Amorth performing an excorism in ‘The Devil and Father Amorth’
John Anderson April 18, 2018
In “The Devil and Father Amorth,” William Friedkin turns to reality.
America Films April 10, 2018
Join us for a conversation on immigration, education and incarceration, with a special emphasis on how these topics effect Hispanic Catholics in the United States.
John Anderson April 06, 2018
On July 18, 1969, Edward M. Kennedy drove his car off the bridge on Chappaquiddick Island.
 Sara Bareilles portrays Mary Magdalene and John Legend is Christ in the NBC production of "Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert," airing April 1. (CNS photo/Virginia Sherwood, courtesy NBC)
James Martin, S.J. March 30, 2018
‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’ ‘Jesus of Montreal’ and other favorites from an evergreen genre.
(photo: Music Box Films)
Raymond A. Schroth, S.J. March 23, 2018
“Back to Burgundy” is about family tensions boiled up by both the financial and artistic challenges of the wine business.
Antonio De Loera-Brust March 23, 2018
Decades after Oscar Zeta Acosta’s disappearance in Mexico, a new documentary aims to reintroduce him in the context of the Chicano movement.