Arts & Culture Film
William C. Anderson September 15, 2017
Yance Ford's "Strong Island" chronicles the death of the director's brother, William Ford Jr., in April of 1992.
Dolores Huerta rallies striking farmworkers and supporters during the California grape boycott. (Courtesy of "Dolores: the movie") 
Arts & Culture Film
Antonio De Loera-BrustSeptember 11, 2017
Huerta’s lack of recognition is certainly not due to a lack of proximity to power; she stood alongside giants of American history.
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonSeptember 08, 2017
"The Good Catholic," out in theaters today, tells the story of an idealistic young priest, Daniel who is happy in his work, unhappy in his faith.
Dame Judi Dench plays a humane, down-to-earth Abbess in "Tulip Fever." (photo by Weinstein Company)
Arts & Culture Film
Virginia RandallSeptember 06, 2017
In today’s culture a routine engagement of religion in a movie is not so ordinary.
Arts & Culture Film
Anna KeatingSeptember 01, 2017
Berry is an advocate of small farms, rural communities and Judeo-Christian values like kindness.
Arts & Culture Film
Raymond A. SchrothAugust 24, 2017
"Polina," which premieres in the United States Aug. 25, focuses on what it means to find one’s calling in life, particularly one called to dance