James Martin, S.J., an editor-at-large at America, introduces “Outreach 2020: Catholic Leaders Speak with the LGBTQ Community.” (screenshot from YouTube)
Maeve Orlowski-Scherer June 26, 2020
Outreach 2020, to be held at Fordham University, has been postponed until next year, but in the meantime organizers have produced a message of welcome for L.G.B.T. Catholics.
(iStock/Grzegorz Zdziarski)
Luke Janicki June 23, 2020
I am a gay teacher in a Catholic high school. And I see hope in the Archdiocese of Seattle.
Activists and supporters block the street outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington Oct. 8, 2019, as it hears arguments in three major employment discrimination cases on whether federal civil rights law prohibiting workplace discrimination on the "basis of sex" covers gay and transgender employees. (CNS photo/Jonathan Ernst, Reuters)
The short answer is: it is unlikely.
The Editors June 17, 2020
As with the Obergefell decision, this ruling also affords the church an opportunity to reimagine its public witness.
The decision was for two consolidated cases about fired gay employees and a separate case concerning a fired transgender worker who had sued for employment discrimination after being fired.
J.D. Long-García June 12, 2020
New ministries are trying to help Latino L.G.B.T. Catholics and their families understand each other by working at the intersection of faith, culture and sexuality, reports J.D. Long-García. The first step is talking openly and honestly.