This week, we talk with Fr. Joe Laramie, the author of "Abide in the Heart of Christ: A 10-day personal retreat with St. Ignatius Loyola."
Olga SeguraSeptember 13, 2019

September 05, 2019

Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’ explores the monsters within us

The second season of the F.B.I. serial killer show confronts the brutality of human existence.

Reader Rebuttal: The 10 Greatest Catholic School Movies of All Time

Ciaran Freeman spent last summer, after his year as an O’Hare fellow at America Media, combing through movies about Catholic schools and ranking them. The findings were published here. Since then, readers have written in to let Mr. Freeman know what films he overlooked in his top-10 ranking.

Review: A new novel offers a look into the lives of Dominican immigrants

"Dominicana" tells the story of 15-year-old Ana Canción.