Pope Francis: The Church has one essential task — to pray and to teach how to pray.

If prayer ceases, the Church has become like an empty shell that it has lost its bearings.

Who will Joe Biden send to Rome? 8 top contenders for U.S. ambassador to the Vatican

If precedent is any indicator, whoever Biden names is likely to be a practicing Catholic who has either worked or volunteered with the Catholic Church — and who is an open supporter of the president.
For Kavanaugh, the only true response to our consumer culture is the life of Christ: inviting, healing, self-sacrificing, loving.
Joe Hoover, S.J.April 6,2021

March 1,2021

As a 90s kid, I loved Disney’s ‘So Weird’ for its use of faith, sacrifice and the paranormal. As an adult, I still do.

As a kid, my favorite show was about death. Strangest of all, I watched it on the Disney Channel.

Ernest Hemingway was a brilliant writer and a terrible person. Discuss.

A new PBS documentary makes us ask: Is it possible to admire the art produced by a writer whom the reader dislikes, disdains, perhaps even despises?

What’s on your bookshelf? Welcome to Spring Books 2021!

An introduction to all the books, new and old, profiled in our Spring Literary Review 2021.