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In Cyprus, Pope Francis has a message for all of Europe: We need dialogue and open doors—not walls.

“The European continent needs reconciliation and unity; it needs courage and enthusiasm, if it is to move forward. For it will not be the walls of fear and the vetoes dictated by nationalist interests that ensure its progress.”

Pope Francis: Never go to bed angry at your spouse (the example of Mary and Joseph can help)

“We fought. My God, I said bad words. I said awful things. But now, to finish the day, I must make peace”. You know why? Because the cold war the next day is very dangerous.
“O Come, O Come Emmanuel” is not the only Advent song out there.
Karen NielsenDecember 2, 2017

October 29, 2021

Olivia Rodrigo’s Gen-Z Gospel

Olivia Rodrigo's lyrics cover many of the same topics I discuss with my Catholic high school students. As a church that infamously struggles to reach and retain young people, we have something to learn from her.

Get ready to hear Ed Sheeran’s new music at every wedding from now until his next album

No matter how far he has risen in fame, Ed Sheeran has stayed true to himself.

What kind of Catholic are you? How Mary Gordon’s writing tackles the expansiveness of our faith

Mary Gordon is one of America's greatest Catholic writers—just don't ask her why she stayed.