If almost a decade of watching “Game of Thrones” has taught me anything, it’s that fairy tale endings are for children.
Jim McDermottMay 21, 2019

May 09, 2019

Marie Kondo’s road to a tidy (and examined) life

The queen of ‘tidying’ is captivating audiences with this question: What do you truly value?

HBO’s ‘Veep’ bows out in character, after years of watching reality catch up to it

A political satire with Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a constant presidential candidate, “Veep” gleefully exposed the hollowness of unbridled ambition, and it was fun (if also dread-inducing) through Sunday’s finale.

A backstage look at Hamilton, the musical phenomenon

It's been 10 years since Lin-Manuel Miranda took his shot and performed at the White House Poetry Jam. We talk to Amber White, stage manager at "Hamilton" to learn more about the hit musical.