The biggest criminal trial in modern Vatican history begins tomorrow. Here’s what you need to know.

Vatican prosecutors have alleged a jaw-dropping series of scandals in the biggest criminal trial in the Vatican’s modern history, which opens Tuesday in a modified courtroom in the Vatican Museums.

Retired Pope Benedict XVI criticizes actions of German church leaders

“As long as only the ministry, but not the heart and the spirit, speak in official church texts, the exodus from the world of faith will continue,” he wrote.
Talking to God about my struggles came to be a crucial part of my mental health resilience and recovery.
Sue DoJuly 30, 2021

August 2, 2021

‘Loki’ and St. Ignatius both teach us: Following God’s plan doesn’t mean we won’t make mistakes

The theme of “not measuring up” is a major component of Marvel’s latest Disney+ series, “Loki.”

Finding God in all apps

Turn your screen time into soul time with these Catholic prayer apps.

‘Father Ted’ poked fun at Catholic Ireland, but only an audience steeped in faith would appreciate it

“Father Ted” can be seen as both a relic of an Irish moment and a humorous, but serious, argument against the confessional state.