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Nicholas D. Sawicki
The Rambusch company has been a leader in secular and liturgical design for nearly 125 years. We asked two generations of Rambusches how to renew a church without dividing a parish.
FaithShort Take
Thomas J. Reese
The purpose of a transparent and collegial process is to develop good liturgy that is supported by a consensus within the community.
FaithFaith and Reason
Louis J. Cameli
The question of giving Holy Communion to those in same-sex marriages has both canonical and pastoral implications.
Father Giancarlo Ruggieri celebrates a livestreamed Easter Mass in San Giorgio Ionico, Italy, on April 12, 2020. (CNS photo/Alessandro Garofalo, Reuters)
FaithShort Take
Katharine Gordon
Vaccines are promising an end to the Covid-19 pandemic, but weekly Mass attendance may not yet be possible. And for centuries, many Catholics have maintained faith without it.
FaithFaith in Focus
Christopher Pramuk
Joyce Coleman sings the soul of a community whose faith has been tested by fire across generations, centuries, in this country. To sing such a faith is, for this white Catholic, to be filled with wonder and gratitude—beyond words, beyond speech, beyond concept.
The author offering Mass in his room on Facebook 
FaithFaith in Focus
Jim McDermott
We begin each Mass like the disciples, locked in our rooms, isolated and maybe afraid. Then out of nowhere Jesus appears in our midst and brings us together.