Erika Rasmussen
After growing up Baptist, Nate Tinner-Williams became a Roman Catholic in December 2019. Now, after a move to New Orleans, he is planning to enter the seminary of the Josephites.
Catholic News Service
A change in wording to the concluding doxology of orations in the Roman Missal, from "one God, for ever and ever" to "God, for ever and ever," took effect on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17.
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Nichole M. Flores
In the past, one “discordant” homily could make me consider finding another parish. Now, I can ponder, discern and pray instead of feeling the urge to assert, fight and win.
Catholic News Service
The funeral was celebrated the day after Pope Francis publicly mourned the death of Edwin, a Nigerian who had been sleeping near St. Peter’s Square, and whose death was attributed to Rome’s overnight cold temperatures.
Colleen Dulle
Women have served as lectors and acolytes for decades. Now Pope Francis has changed canon law to formally recognize their ministry.
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Kerry Weber
I commend you. I sympathize. I need your advice.