Manillas are a historic form of money, made of European bronze and copper. Large quantities were produced for the Slave Trade (photo: iStock)
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Nicholas Misukanis
Perhaps this is the moment for President Biden to honor his campaign promise and begin a national discussion on our country’s tragic past.
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John J. Strynkowski
The dispossession Christ experienced in his crucifixion is an act of solidarity with the dispossessed of the world.
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Firmin DeBrabander
While we seem to take privacy seriously as a culture, in reality we allow unfettered access to our personal information in countless ways.
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Roberto J. De La Noval
The antinatalist movement might strike many people as misguided, but considering its arguments can lead Christians to examine vexing questions around our understanding of eternal punishment.
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Richard J. Clifford
The Book of Ruth tells an important story in the history of Israel—but also reminds us to take seriously the lives of ordinary people—villagers, immigrants, married people, widows and the poor.
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Carlo Calleja
In a world that trivializes kinship more and more, Pope Francis’ retrieval of the concept of fraternity is timely and challenging.