Faith and Reason

David Albertson, Jason Blakely September 19, 2019
From a unity deeper than citizenship, that of baptism, we implore our fellow Christians: Join us in denouncing this violence, and help us understand what distance is left between that nationalism and yours.
John Wester September 16, 2019
We spend billions each year on avoiding pain through pharmaceuticals or self-medicating through alcohol and drugs. But we must not forget that pain and suffering are not the enemy.
Terence Sweeney September 13, 2019
St. Augustine has much to teach us about the meritocracy and recent college admissions bribery scandals.
Victor Codina, S.J. September 12, 2019
Pope Francis does not aspire to fulfill his role as a theologian but as a pastor.
Grant Kaplan August 27, 2019
Despite the long and illustrious history of the Catholic Church in Germany, in the late 19th century Catholics became the great Other to modernizing, secularizing forces.
Charles C. Camosy June 26, 2019
While Pope Francis has given special consideration to what some may consider liberal life issues, he has also spoken up strongly and clearly for the more traditional prolife issues.