Faith in Focus

Simcha Fisher September 19, 2019
Non-scale spiritual victories come when we see ourselves clearly and holistically, when we pray without prodding because God is real and someone to talk to.
Gabriella Jeakle September 18, 2019
College is about learning what it means to belong.
Paul Mariani September 13, 2019
Who was this brilliant, saintly priest who founded the Christian Brothers? Perhaps now, on the 300th anniversary of his death, it is time for those of us who have benefited so richly from our educations to remember who he was.
Mary Ann Spanjers, O.S.F. September 12, 2019
The question my students struggle with is, what is an authentic identity of the church today? I believe that the only way the church can be relevant is if it embraces the model of a penitent.
Juan Vidal September 11, 2019
Growing up, I saw most of the marriages around me crumble. More often than not, it was the men who ran their relationships into the ground, whether by being unfaithful or worse.
Valerie Schultz September 10, 2019
I think of mentors and helpers, men and women of kindness and compassion, heroes who listen to their better angels, as triggers for good.