Faith in Focus

Kristin Zipple-Shedd November 08, 2019
The Trump administration is engaged in a systematic war against immigrants, and one prime target seems to be those of us who represent them.
Valerie Schultz November 04, 2019
We women do not want to make waves; we do not want to upset people. But the moment for all of us to act is decidedly now.
Vivian Cabrera October 31, 2019
This Day of the Dead, I made two loaves of bread: one to share with colleagues and the less pretty one for myself and my grandpa to share over a cup of cafecito.
John Gehring October 31, 2019
After a trip to the border, I returned home to the nation’s capital—where President Trump continues to double down on cruel policies—carrying a stone I picked up in the desert and the stories of migrants.
Charlotte Michael Versagi October 29, 2019
I knew she would ask me to make the arrangements. She knew I would help. I promised I would be there for her, no matter what. God forgive me.
photo from iStock by RedEye
Andrew Robert LaBarre October 22, 2019
While climbing down off a freight train in western Texas, I committed to giving my life to God.