Faith in Focus

André M. Peñalver July 10, 2020
From Meatless Mondays to Black Lives Matter, old Christian truths take hold in a world that seems to have left religion behind.
Valerie Schultz July 07, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has both increased the frequency of deaths and constrained our ability to accompany the dying.
Valerie Schultz July 02, 2020
Feeling restless because we cannot go out to eat or attend a concert hardly amounts to involuntary incarceration.
James Martin, S.J. June 26, 2020
If Jesus is white and you're not, what does that say about your relationship with him? What does it mean that Christ came for “all,” if you feel left out?
Mahri Leonard-Fleckman June 24, 2020
All will be well and all will be well: even now?
Simcha Fisher June 23, 2020
Everything else, even their names, has been taken away from the dead, and they are reserving for their family a spot with the one thing we really need: a view of the mountain.