Faith in Focus

Valarie Lee James July 15, 2019
Any hand stitcher will tell you: To embroider or crochet slowly mends the spirit, stitch by stitch.
Benedict learned from experience that pushing yourself too hard can be a road to spiritual ruin. There is a fine line between work that glorifies God and work that merely glorifies yourself.
An Encounter with Silence
Libby Osgood July 09, 2019
I have learned that belief is not unique to those who consider themselves religious.
David M. Knight July 05, 2019
Jesuit poverty should be as dramatically visible and shocking as the incarnation of Jesus.
Valerie Schultz July 03, 2019
We do not anticipate young mothers dying at a moment devoted to birth, and yet we know it happens. We know about death, and yet we are caught unawares by it.