Faith in Focus

Valerie Schultz September 05, 2020
My father turned away from religion. While reading his old letters, I got a glimpse of some of his earlier experiences with the Church.
Abraham M. Nussbaum August 28, 2020
Mamie Till Mobley understood something our sanitized pictures of Jesus hide: that the suffering of Jesus continued in the death of her son and is ongoing in the death of George Floyd.
Katie Prejean McGrady August 27, 2020
Even in the the eye of a storm that seems so colossal we can see no tomorrow, I know this: God is good.
Maura Shea August 25, 2020
The world is full of uncertainty but God loves your desire to do what is right and also loves your creativity as you work with him on the project of your life.
Simcha Fisher August 20, 2020
Remote, in-person or home schooling: They are all impossible. So why worry about failing?
Carolyn Alessio August 19, 2020
Just feeling good is spiritually different from the sensation of feeling one’s “heart drawn to God,” even if the circumstances are outwardly negative, bleak.