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July 27, 2017
I thought I had the perfect Catholic fairy tale: Meet and a date a former seminarian. Seven months after I got married, my world was utterly shattered.
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Silent but defiant, Cardinal George Pell made his first court appearance in Australia on Wednesday.
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Associated Press July 27, 2017
French President Emmanuel Macron delivered an impassioned speech Wednesday after a Mass marking one year since the killing of a local French priest by two 19-year-old men who pledged loyalty to the Islamic State group.
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Two men who are among dozens to accuse Paul Shanley of sexual abuse appeared at a news conference to warn the public about Shanley's release from prison.
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A Catholic aid worker warned of a worsening crisis in the Central African Republic, as church centers are attacked and more armed groups fight over territory and resources.
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Terrance KleinJuly 26, 2017
Then ask: Is it a pearl of great price?