Bishop Charles Thompson speaks after he is introduced as the new archbishop of Indianapolis in Indianapolis.
The Midwest Jesuits plan to appeal a decree by Archbishop Thompson of Indianapolis that Brebeuf Jesuit High School is no longer recognized as a Catholic school after the school’s administrators refused to terminate a teacher in a same-sex marriage as requested by the archdiocese.
An English church official "deliberately misled" a U.S. archdiocese into harboring a pedophile priest and helping him to escape justice for a quarter of a century, said a report from a child abuse inquiry.
America Films June 24, 2019
Join us for an intergenerational discussion on how to Catholics are responding to the sexual abuse crisis.
America Films June 24, 2019
In the middle of the sex abuse crisis, what can we expect from the synod on youth? 
James Martin, S.J. June 21, 2019
The Sacred Heart is an invitation to ask ourselves, “How did Jesus love?
Anna J. Marchese June 21, 2019
Those who have experienced the “Catholic internet” have glimpsed the various camps that are regularly at odds with one another over the finer points of liturgy, doctrine and, yes, Jordan Peterson.