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The Examen Podcast

Deliver Us

Will the Catholic Church's sex abuse crisis ever end? That's a question everyone has been asking since the latest wave of news in 2018. In Deliver Us, host Maggi Van Dorn is a Catholic committed to healing the church from the inside. She wants to know: How did this happen? And what, if anything, can we do to help? Hear from experts, advocates, and survivors to learn what the church can do to move forward. Because you can’t fix something until you know how it’s broken.

The Examen Podcast

The Examen with Father James Martin, S.J.

The examen is a centuries-old prayer practice that helps you find God in your daily life. Our podcast is based on a technique that St. Ignatius Loyola outlined in the Spiritual Exercises, his classic manual for prayer. Each week Father Martin will provide you with a new reflection and guide you through the examen prayer.

The Word Podcast

The Word: Scripture Reflections from America Media

The Word is America’s weekly reflection on the readings you’ll hear at Mass. Since the 1950s, we have provided insightful commentary from leading scriptural scholars on the Sunday readings. Now you can listen to an audio version of these reflections, published every Wednesday. As an added bonus, we publish daily reflections during Advent and Lent to help you pray during those important liturgical seasons.

Jesuitical Podcast


Jesuitical is a weekly podcast featuring Ashley McKinless, Zac Davis and Olga Segura—the “young, hip, lay editors” of America Media. On each episode, they discuss the Catholic news of the week and speak with an interesting guest from the world of faith, politics or culture. Drawing from the insights of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, the hosts create a fun, relatable atmosphere that invites young adult Catholics to become a part of an interactive online faith community.

Inside the Vatican

Inside the Vatican with America Media

Each week, Colleen Dulle goes behind the headlines of the biggest Vatican news stories with America’s Rome correspondent Gerard O’Connell. They'll break down complicated news stories that have a whole lot of history behind them in an understandable, engaging way. Colleen and Gerard will give you the inside scoop on what people inside the Vatican are thinking, saying—and planning.

America This Week

America This Week

Join hosts Matt Malone, S.J., and Kerry Weber, as they address the headlines at the intersection of the church and the world, offering analysis on current affairs infused with Jesuit spirituality in this smart Catholic take on faith and culture. Each week the hosts are joined by another member of the America Media staff, in addition to their guest of the week: a writer for the magazine.