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Kate Scanlon - OSV News
Pro-life activists are pushing back against the Republican Party's new, Trump-directed platform, which appears to soften the party's stance on abortion.
Side view of female radiologist looking at the MRI image of the head on her monitor and analysing it. (iStock/simonkr)
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In response to an article in our June issue, several physicians and ethicists say there are serious questions about the accuracy of determining brain death under the current criteria.
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What is needed, far more than a perfect abortion law, is a clear focus on the moral failure of a society in which abortion rates are rising rather than falling, in which too many women feel afraid, unable or unwilling to carry pregnancies to term and welcome new life into the world.
Pro-life advocates gathered April 25 at the Arizona State Capitol to show their support for a 1864 law only allowed abortion in cases where the mother’s life was in danger. The state government repealed the law in May.
J.D. Long García
Efforts to restrict abortion have met with mixed results. So what should be the focus of the pro-life movement going forward?
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Kate Scanlon - OSV News
The Supreme Court unanimously dismissed a challenge against an abortion pill due to a “lack of legal standing” in the lawsuit against the drug.
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John Dougherty
It would be an exaggeration to call “Juno” pro-life, but it is encouraging to see a popular film diverge from the familiar culture war battle lines.