The Northern Ireland Assembly has voted 46-40 to reject as "extreme" the new abortion law passed by the British parliament, which would be binding upon the province.
An FX documentary on Norma McCovey, the "Jane Roe" of the controversial 1973 Supreme Court decision, reveals that she wasn't the pro-life activist she claimed to be and that she was allegedly manipulated by people within the pro-life movement.
Catholic News Service May 22, 2020
Pro-Life organizations are taking exception to the fact that Planned Parenthood affiliates have been recipients of funds under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act.
Simcha Fisher May 20, 2020
She was used and abused as a child, and she continues to be used and abused by both pro-lifers and pro-choicers who want her to a weapon against the other side.
Sidney Flanigan as Autumn in “Never Rarely Sometimes Always” (photo: Focus Features)
Simcha Fisher April 11, 2020
For all its deft crafting of real-life detail, Eliza Hittman’s film never admits any reality besides abortion as saving grace.
Catholic News Service March 10, 2020
U.S. Catholic bishops are creating a project in which parishes accompany expectant mothers.