Catholic News Service March 10, 2020
U.S. Catholic bishops are creating a project in which parishes accompany expectant mothers.
On March 4, the court hears oral arguments in June Medical Services v. Russo, a challenge to a Louisiana law, passed in 2014, that requires abortion providers to have “active admitting privileges” at a hospital within 30 miles of the abortion facility.
Catholic News Service February 26, 2020
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, by a 7-4 vote has upheld the Trump administration's "Protect Life Rule" which enforces the Title X rule banning taxpayer funds for abortion and or abortion as family planning.
Klobuchar has underscored her abortion-rights support, and she's signed onto legislation that would limit states' efforts to constrain abortion access, such as the multiple state-level anti-abortion laws that passed last year.
In a Jan. 24 notice, the administration threatened to cut off federal health care funding if California didn't comply with a law known as the Weldon Amendment.
Records found with the remains indicated the abortions had taken place in South Bend, Fort Wayne and Gary, so Indiana Attorney General Curtis T. Hill Jr. took possession of them.