Catholic Education

Ricardo da Silva, S.J. November 20, 2020
For Black, brown and poor students in-person schooling is an essential service.
Elisha Valladares-Cormier October 29, 2020
My experience taught me that Catholics play an important role in public and political life.
Students at Boston College pray the Examen, while wearing masks and engaging in social distancing. (Photo courtesy of Joseph Vecchio and Emily Egan)
Kevin Christopher Robles October 20, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has caused campus ministries around the country to reassess how to best minister to their students.
Francis X. Sullivan October 16, 2020
I loved my school while I was there. I trusted its people to keep me safe, and they did. But was I just lucky?
Catholic News Service October 06, 2020
A diocesan spokesperson for the diocese told Catholic News Service Oct. 6 that the diocese only learned of the closures at Cuomo’s news conference.
Bishop Barber said Oct. 1 the "economic devastation" in this country wrought by the pandemic "has already led to the closure of at least 150 Catholic schools, many in low-income areas that serve children of color."