Catholic Education

Patrick T. Brown November 09, 2018
Many students turn to porn because of loneliness or frustration. But colleges should encourage a healthier view of human sexuality than what is found in the exploitative underbelly of the web.
America Films November 02, 2018
Watch talks by James Martin, S.J., Bishop George Murry, S.J. and more here.
J.D. Long-García November 01, 2018
Hosffman Ospino, an associate professor of Hispanic ministry and religious education at Boston College, moderated a panel discussion on Latinos and Catholic education Oct. 30 at The Catholic University of America.
The Internal Revenue Service is proposing a rule change that would impact about 30 percent of the student population in the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Dubuque, as well as thousands of others attending nonpublic schools in Iowa and other states.
James Van Dyke, S.J. October 03, 2018
"In their efforts to be men who show respect, men who seek to serve, men who want to offer hope, our students offer witness that bad behavior and cynicism do not have to be the end of this story."
America This Week October 03, 2018
Our Oct. 3 guest is Michael McCarthy, S.J.