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The movie poster from the film Deliver Us featuring a woman bathing in an icy body of water in an opening in the shape of a cross
Arts & CultureFilm
Erik VanBezooijen
“Deliver Us” uses the Christian theme of apocalypse to explore the painfully timely issue of climate crisis.
Arts & CultureInterviews
Rob Weinert-Kendt
In an interview with Rob Weinert-Kendt, the playwright John Patrick Shanley discusses the continued resonance of ‘Doubt.‘
Arts & CultureCatholic Book Club
James T. Keane
Graham Greene crafted some of English-language literature's finest works, part of a fascinating life marked by bouts of uncertainty and the certainty of doubt.
Arts & CultureIdeas
Michael O’Brien
André 3000's new album and accompanying tour, “New Blue Sun,” highlights the spiritual restlessness of an artist who has achieved everything, but is still searching for meaning by looking towards the heavens.
Arts & CultureCatholic Movie Club
John Dougherty
“Higher Learning” interweaves the stories of three freshmen wrestling with identity and belonging.
Arts & CultureFilm
Simcha Fisher
It’s the first Friday in Lent, and you know what that means: Mandatory Lent Film Party! At least, that’s what it means at our house.