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(CNS photo/Warner Bros.)
Jake Martin January 17, 2020
“Joker” is more than just another comic book film. It has hit a nerve with an already nervous American public.
Scene from "The Trojan Women" at La MaMa Experimental Theater Club
Deniz Demirer January 17, 2020
Since 1975, a touring production of “The Trojan Women” staged by New York’s La MaMa Experimental Theater Club has played in more than 30 countries.
Jude Law and John Malkovich in “The New Pope” (photo: HBO)
John Anderson January 17, 2020
A TV review is not, perhaps, the forum to determine that, but it should be noted that God is ever present.
’The Cave’ is a portrait of courage under fire, resilience and hope (photo: National Geographic).
John Anderson January 10, 2020
“The Cave” is something of a talking-dog movie: You’re astounded it exists, never mind what it has to say.
Daniel Luttrull January 10, 2020
Hailemichael, newly blind, Heads down the street without his cane.
Christiana Zenner January 10, 2020
Brian McLaren’s 'The Galápagos Islands: A Spiritual Journey' is both a travelogue and a spiritual memoir.