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Meghan J. Clark October 18, 2019
Written in the 1930s, George Gershwin’s “Porgy and Bess” has always been controversial.
Wendell Berry (photo: Guy Mendes)
Jon M. Sweeney October 18, 2019
The natural world is Wendell Berry’s primary teacher: its rhythms, its largesse, its mysteries.
Jack Downey October 18, 2019
As Cummings notes, our future saints, some of whom have already passed beyond the veil, will disclose to us as much about ourselves and our church as they will about their own heroic virtue.
E. M. Hill October 18, 2019
‘This is My Body,’ by Cameron Dezen Hammon, is a warning about how a feminist can fall prey to and rationalize the pervasiveness of misogyny, despite his or her best intentions.
In Wim Wenders’s film “Wings of Desire,” the protagonist, an angel named Damiel (Bruno Ganz), is tired of spending eternity as a pure spirit (photo: Alamy).
Margaret Tucker October 18, 2019
In ‘Wings of Desire,’ Damiel is tired of pretense, tired of spending eternity as a pure spirit.
Mary Callistas October 18, 2019
This year I’ll feel the light of the tomb on my own bones