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Arts & CultureCatholic Book Club
James T. Keane
A poet and a woman religious whose work often appeared in America, M. Madeleva Wolff, C.S.C., is known for much more than her verse. She was also a pioneer in Catholic education in the United States.
Arts & CultureFilm
John Dougherty
It would be an exaggeration to call “Juno” pro-life, but it is encouraging to see a popular film diverge from the familiar culture war battle lines.
Tadanobu Asano, center, as Yabushige in a scene from the FX show ‘Shogun’
Arts & CultureTelevision
Kevin Christopher Robles
“Shogun” is a dire portrait of the Catholic Church’s role in colonial history, but the Japanese are not mere victims in this story.
Arts & CultureMusic
Michael O’Brien
A beef between two of the biggest rappers in the world, Kendrick Lamar and Drake, has birthed unforgettable songs for both of these artists.
A marker in Indianapolis describes the history of a 1907 Indiana eugenics law
Arts & CultureIdeas
John P. Slattery
Of the many things that the history of eugenics should teach modern society, two stand out. First, not all questions are good questions. Second, statistics can be warped to tell you pretty much anything you want.
Arts & CultureBooks
Books about World War II are ubiquitous in the nonfiction section, but "Hitler's American Gamble" is the rare recent work with a genuinely new contribution to make, not just to our understanding of the past but also to our understanding of the present.