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Scott Loudon and his team filming his documentary, ‘Anonimo’ (photo courtesy of Scott Loudon)
Arts & CultureMusic
Phillip Alcon Ganir, S.J.
This week, a music festival returns to the Chiquitos missions in Bolivia, which the Jesuits established between 1691 and 1760. The story of the Jesuit "reductions" was made popular by the 1986 film ‘The Mission.’
Arts & CultureTelevision
James T. Keane
"3 Body Problem" is an imaginative Netflix adaptation of Cixin Liu's trilogy of sci-fi novels—and yet is mostly true to the books.
Arts & CultureMusic
Michael O’Brien
“Only God Was Above Us” is a definitive “we’re back” statement from Vampire Weekend.
Arts & CultureCatholic Movie Club
John Dougherty
“O Brother, Where Art Thou?” is the closest that the Coens have come to making a musical, and the film’s lush period folk soundtrack enriches its spiritual themes.
Arts & CulturePoetry
Renee Emerson
I forget—did God make death?
Arts & CulturePoetry
Brooke Stanish
you discovered heaven spread to the edges of a max lucado picture book