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Gerard O’Connell
Pope Francis, in a keynote address to the popular movements this weekend, made specific appeals “in the name of God” to those responsible for key sectors of today’s world economy.
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Mark Pattison - Catholic News Service
The racial divide in American society and within the Catholic Church is one that needs to be bridged so that healing and progress can take place, said retired Bishop Edward K. Braxton of Belleville, Illinois.
Gloria Purvis
Woke Catholics are people who are open to conversion. They listen. They are humble. They think with the mind and heart of the church.
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Alessandra Harris
While American Catholics today would unequivocally condemn the institution of slavery and Jim Crow segregation, most do not see or work against one of its most prominent present-day manifestations: mass incarceration.
But this Christ, son of Nazareth, king of the Jews, is asking God why he has been forsaken. His face is upturned, mouth open, his body rebelling against its wooden constraints, wracked by human suffering.
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I don’t understand why some of my students are allowed to suffer as he did. But the knowledge of Christ’s death stanches my anger long enough that I am able to entertain the idea that there is still a point to serving this God.
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Olga Segura’s book charts her personal journey of resisting systemic racism and her pain at finding herself unaccompanied on that path by many Catholics or by the institutional church.