The Editors June 14, 2019
Religious liberty and the relationship between church and state are two issues that have long vexed the Catholic Church, particularly since the Enlightenment.
The Editors June 05, 2019
In the past, a gun massacre would set off a necessary—though intractable—debate over gun control. This time, our collective feeling seemed to be: At least it was not children.
The Editors May 31, 2019
Dental care should be a priority in any plan to reduce inequities and improve the well-being of all citizens.
The Editors May 23, 2019
The ongoing political crisis is the persistent failure of Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood to settle the abortion question and the failure of the Supreme Court to offer any sign that these cases ever will.
The Editors May 17, 2019
Religious Americans inhabit an increasingly secular culture. But we must not let legitimate concerns about our ability to live out our faith in public life blind us to the fears of our fellow citizens who feel their civil rights are up for debate.
The Editors May 17, 2019
Will U.S. Catholics heed the call to take global action immediately? Or will our children and grandchildren live in a world drastically changed and terribly broken?