The Editors October 11, 2019
Mr. Trump's turnabout is bad for the Kurds, bad for the campaign against ISIS and bad for whatever still remains of the nation’s international credibility.
The Editors October 09, 2019
While enough facts are still unknown that a decision on impeachment itself is premature, an inquiry is absolutely necessary, the editors write.
The Editors October 04, 2019
Every citizen, whether aligned with the political right or the left, must denounce these crimes against our Jewish brothers and sisters.
The Editors September 24, 2019
The facility at Guantánamo Bay should be closed as soon as possible and the prisoners should be transferred to maximum security facilities and tried in a court of law.
The Editors September 11, 2019
Throughout the visit to Africa, we were invited to see what a “poor church for the poor” looks like. Let’s keep our attention there, the Editors write.
The Editors September 09, 2019
The ongoing violence itself is shocking and depressing, but another grim facet of the American plague of mass shootings is the way we have become inured to it, the Editors write.