The Editors February 08, 2019
Hopes are high (perhaps too high) that the summit will bring about significant and lasting change.
The Editors January 31, 2019
Some consciences are being woken to recognize the tragedy of abortion—that is an opportunity for pro-lifers.
The Editors January 25, 2019
The four-wheeled population is growing faster than the human population in many dense cities with strong economies
The Editors January 23, 2019
A commitment to religious liberty demands that effort be devoted to resolving, rather than exacerbating, any real or apparent tension between religious obligation and civil duty.
The Editors January 11, 2019

Few would deny that 2018 was an annus horribilis for the Catholic Church in the United States. As dioceses and religious orders released the names of alleged sex abusers, it became clear the scope of the scandals was far wider than most imagined or acknowledged.

The Editors January 08, 2019
The priority given to Supreme Court nominations has left the movement vulnerable to being reduced to the role of supporting player within an overall conservative political agenda.