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Arts & Culture Poetry
William O'LearyJuly 20, 2017
For the brackish water, and electricity / That charge our thoughts and spines.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Roger JohnsonJuly 13, 2017

They line the road, the valley side,
Back lit and dark as Satan’s horn.
Their roots descend through rock and bone
To Purgatory. Their points appear
To pierce an isolated cloud.

Arts & Culture Poetry
Anh DangJuly 06, 2017

I hear popping
in my right ear again.
It happens every time I chew
and it annoys me so
to the point where
I have a hard time
breaking things down
enough to swallow.

Arts & Culture Poetry
Ever TaylorJuly 06, 2017

To be a black girl is to be ancient
A walking cemetery
A womb to only carry lynched sons and kidnapped daughters
Have feet made of fossils
Learning the oil spill of her birth
A hip strong enough for her kin
An underground railroad kind of back

Arts & Culture Poetry
Judith ValenteJune 26, 2017
Gwendolyn Brooks' poetry presented readers with a look into the life of African-Americans.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Michael TopaJune 09, 2017
I did not know it was Joy