Arts & Culture Poetry
Paul MarianiSeptember 11, 2017

 “I really feel I can touch you even in this darkness when I pray.”
    —War correspondent James Foley (1973—2014)
           from his last message to his family

Man Jack the man is, just” Gerard Manley Hopkins

Arts & Culture Poetry
Devin KellySeptember 11, 2017

In the beginning my beginning hummed
with the sound of a thousand other beginnings.
Now, when I say light, I stare away from sun
& into your body. If I am to be in possession
of anything, I want it to be my state of witness.

Arts & Culture Poetry
Paul MarianiSeptember 08, 2017
What stays with me in reading Ashbery is the sense of existential loneliness beneath the linguistic play and multiple voices. 
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Arts & Culture Poetry
Emily BakerSeptember 01, 2017

Numbers just don't stick on me the way words do

I see numbers and I freeze up

My eyes widen

My chest tightens and my heart races

My breath catches

I feel small, stupid

But I just don’t understand them

I am immune

Arts & Culture Poetry
Annabelle MoseleyAugust 07, 2017
We pin you to the unfinished saints you leave behind.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Nadine SantoroAugust 04, 2017
I met Judas at a roof party in late October. The Ghost had warned me about the devil in the form of a man too charming to deny.