Annabelle Moseley January 11, 2018

for A.B.

Those childhood nights I ate at your table,
where life's mysteries were broken and shared—
I studied the blue willow plates you set each night.

Michael Angel Martín December 28, 2017

I expect you to break through,
Across these shoddy lenses soon,
To burst into view, knowing full well
I will lose you. Why’s it all waiting
And watching with you? Once,
In a cardinal’s dress, you hopped
From mind’s bough to heart’s branch

Joe Hoover, S.J. December 15, 2017
What does it mean to follow Christ?
Kaleidoscope Pattern (iStock)
Divya Chhotani December 01, 2017
The angry shards of crimson, roaring through the tube/ Running through the fields of gentle greens and sprinkled/
Photo by Will Cornfield on Unsplash
Robin Happel December 01, 2017
My god is patient. She curls like ivy around a crumbling world,/ And howls in the stillness of the night, the silent spaces no ritual can fill.
Sheryl Luna November 29, 2017

Our mistakes crack open. Each leaf
veined distinctly,

and we star-made music makers
are finger printed as well.

This is expansion: to stand as One with all.

The mountains a dense
explosion of trees.