Peter Bethanis May 17, 2019
I know your ghost still drifts like a dirty angel through this town.
Dean Kostos May 03, 2019
Enveloped in clouds of drapery, the Virgin perches between maimed angels
William Woolfitt April 26, 2019
He has by heart the gondolas of Venice, can summon a teakwood dhow.
Paul Mariani April 26, 2019
Strange meeting this, the holes there in his hands and feet and heart.
Leslie Williams April 19, 2019
All my nights are like papyrus, drenched in tears, a wash of disobedience staining my blank ease.
Jessica Powers April 05, 2019
A poem by Jessica Powers from The Second “America” Book of Verse, a collection of the best of America poetry, 1930 to 1955.