Women in the Church

Jennifer Fulwiler April 18, 2018
Could I really be happy if my primary focus for years to come was managing a house full of babies?
Kathy Ewing April 17, 2018
Every Sunday we would encounter each other, serve food and wash dishes “hip to hip.”
Members of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America proposed that the church hold a Synod of Bishops "on the theme of the woman in the life and mission of the church."
Brian O. McDermott March 22, 2018
With Crispina and Her Sisters, Christine Schenk, C.S.J., has performed a singular service in making accessible additional sources about early Christian women.
Luke Hansen, S.J. March 12, 2018
The women who spoke at this year’s Voices of Faith are exemplars of faith and courage.
Barry Hudock March 08, 2018
Wherever you stand on the matter, it's clear that the church teaching on ordination represents a problem for evangelization.