Women in the Church

Faith Short Take
Zac DavisSeptember 14, 2017
A chainsaw-wielding sister is just the latest viral sensation.
Faith Podcasts
The EditorsSeptember 14, 2017
Our guest this week is Kerry Alys Robinson, global ambassador of Leadership Roundtable and author of Imagining Abundance: Fundraising, Philanthropy and A Spiritual Call to Service.
Faith Faith in Focus
Jennifer OchsteinSeptember 07, 2017
Why exchange one brand of Christianity for another with similar hang-ups?
Faith In All Things
Valerie SchultzJuly 31, 2017
While the church relies on volunteers in many instances, certain jobs require extensive training, which must be compensated.
DeaconChat highlights women who have “considered a call to the diaconate to share that discernment with the wider church.” Screenshot from Catholicwomendeacons.org
Faith News
Their actions of several Catholic groups follow the appointment of a panel of experts set up by Pope Francis to consider the controversial question.