Women in the Church

A new survey has found that the majority of U.S. Catholic religious orders believe women should be allowed to serve as ordained deacons.
Catholic News Service July 31, 2018
India's Catholic Church has led a chorus of protest over a demand to ban the sacrament of reconciliation from the chairwoman of the National Commission for Women.
50 years ago, black priests wanted to feel accepted for who they were: African-American clergy who could share a rich cultural heritage but were feeling suppressed by white-dominated church leadership.
Catholic News Service June 14, 2018
After ucanews.com reported accusations against Bangladeshi Father William Walter Rozario -- allegations he denied -- the former Maria Bambina nun, Rosaline Costa, answered the following questions about the situation in Bangladesh.
Kristin Grady Gilger May 04, 2018
Those whose children remain practicing Catholics have some ideas about why that may be the case, but they, too, are well aware that things could easily have turned out differently.
Our readers May 04, 2018
Twenty-five percent told us that one or more of their children had left the church.