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Queen Elizabeth II, dressed in black, opens a book alongside Pope John Paul II
Jim McDermott
As the queen of England, Elizabeth served as the religious leader of the British Commonwealth and supreme governor of the Church of England—and she took that role very seriously.
Anna Capizzi - Catholic News Service
A new documentary on Sister Thea Bowman shines a light on her life and work as an advocate for racial justice and intercultural understanding.
Kaya Oakes
It is crucial that church leaders are trained to be good communicators, which also means being good listeners. This training is especially important for priests, whose communications skills (or lack thereof) often set the tone for a parish.
A smiling religious sister in habit sits to the left of Pope Francis before a crowd of sisters
Carol Glatz - Catholic News Service
“The ideal bishop does not exist,” Sister Reungoat said. But he has to be a shepherd who is “close to the people entrusted to him, he has to know how to involve priests, laity and religious, and people of different generations.”
Gerard O’Connell
Continuing with determination to open up new positions of responsibility for women in the Roman Curia, Pope Francis has appointed three women as members of the Dicastery for Bishops.
Marilyn Rodrigues, Catholic News Service
Francine Pirola, co-director of the Sydney-based Marriage Resource Center, said the council had produced a “vastly improved” revision of the section of the document on women, which had been the focus of a major disruption July 6.