Women in the Church

A Catholic sociologist has said that if women were allowed to participate in governmental affairs in Africa, their input would have an impact on how the pandemic and its associated problems are handled.
Gerard O’Connell August 06, 2020
These appointments are a further indication of the pope’s determination to give more responsibility to women in the Vatican in positions that do not require ordination.
Colleen Dulle July 22, 2020
What does the Vatican document on parish life mean for Catholics in the pews?
Catherine R. Osborne July 17, 2020
"The Laywoman Project" is a book primarily about changing concepts of women’s vocation during that rapidly moving decade.
In a virtual talk, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, urged graduates of her alma mater-the Immaculate Heart of Mary High School in Los Angeles-to work to "rebuild" the country in the wake of the protests over George Floyd's death.
The Catholic bishops of Australia are considering recommendations from a report which would increase the participation of laypeople-especially women-in the administrative affairs of the local churches.