Catholic Book Club

Kevin Spinale August 14, 2020
Kevin Spinale, S.J., offers his initial thoughts on John Howard Griffin's ‘Black Like Me,’ the latest selection of the Catholic Book Club.
Kevin Spinale May 08, 2020
Among the many clichés operative in Covid-time (“in these uncertain times,” “the new normal”), there is the sturdy cliché, “now more than ever.” Well, I think we need comedy now more than ever.
Kevin Spinale April 01, 2020
Another look at the story of Mary Magdalene and interpretations of her throughout history.
Kevin Spinale February 14, 2020
Mary Magdalene’s actual history, as Margaret Arnold tells us, is much richer than we think. The tradition’s appropriation of Mary Magdalene is much more intricate and complex—as the saint herself is complex.
Kevin Spinale November 05, 2019
The new selection of the Catholic Book Club is a collection of poems about the saints.
Kevin Spinale October 25, 2019
Kevin Spinale, S.J., the moderator of the Catholic Book Club, led discussions of two very different books this spring and summer. The first, 'Catholic Modern,' by James Chappel, is a heady look at how the church remade itself at a time of social and political upheaval. The second, 'Say Nothing,' by