Catholic Book Club

Kevin Spinale July 11, 2018
An interpretive essay and some questions for reflection on the Catholic Book Club's new selection, "Dagger John" by John Loughery.
Kevin Spinale April 04, 2018

Totality occurred on Aug. 21, 2017, when the first total solar eclipse in the United States in 38 years swathed the country from Oregon to South Carolina. It was reported on by a media hungry for distractions.

Kevin Spinale January 05, 2018
Alice McDermott's new novel will provoke contemplation and prayer. It is a Catholic book, and it will seep into you like indigo into a clean, pure bolt of cloth.
Dorothy Day in 1916
Kevin Spinale September 25, 2017
Beauty is the medium through which Kate Hennessy describes her mother and grandmother.
Kevin Spinale January 26, 2017
The work of Kate O’Brien, Brian Moore and John McGahern deserve attention in any conversation about the Catholic literary tradition.
Kevin Spinale September 26, 2016
The novel portrays two apostate Jesuit missionaries from the first half of the 17th century.