Ciaran Freeman March 01, 2019
I sat down with the artist, Carlos Vega, at the Jack Shainman Gallery, to talk about his new exhibition "Correspondences" and find out why he paints the saints.
Jim McDermott February 07, 2019
The idea of mounting an exhibition that takes on the crisis of abuse seems both essential for the Catholic community right now and near impossible to render palatable.. Trina McKillen's "Confess" is now on view at L.M.U.’s Laband Art Gallery.
Photo courtesy of Boston College
Altair Brandon-Salmon January 11, 2019
The legacy of and English Jesuit and the world class collection he brought to Oxford
Bill McGarvey December 28, 2018
Nathaniel Kahn's "The Price of Everything" features a veritable Greek chorus of modern-art market luminaries.
Brandon Sanchez December 27, 2018
A bleak alchemy is and always has been at work in the United States, binding documented whoppers to a wider, wilder paranoia.
Ciaran Freeman November 23, 2018
Behind the camouflage of celebrity, who was the real Andy Warhol?