FaithShort Take
Sam Sawyer, S.J.
Pope Francis has a broad—and brave—vision of what being a pastor means, writes Sam Sawyer, S.J. And that vision has room for bishops to disagree with each other about the best way forward.
FaithFaith and Reason
Lucetta Scaraffia
More pressing than the question of whether women can be ordained to the priesthood is the reality that clericalism and sexism have created and sustained a system in which women are treated as second-class citizens.
Politics & SocietyFaith and Reason
David Carroll Cochran
The best argument against just war theory’s continuing place in Catholic teaching may not be that it is necessarily wrong in theory, but that it misunderstands the realities of war and peace today.
Jonathan Goodall, formerly the Anglican bishop of Ebbsfleet, stands (at right) with Pope Benedict XVI and then-Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.
Doug Girardot
Why, and how, do high-profile figures in the Church of England make the swim across the Tiber?
Bishop John J. Lopes, the keynote speaker at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, pictured in 2016.
Politics & SocietyNews
Kurt Jensen - Catholic News Service
This year’s National Catholic Prayer Breakfast had no political speakers and only a small political contingent in attendance, and there was little mention of an upcoming Supreme Court case involving a Mississippi abortion ban.
Politics & SocietyVatican Dispatch
Junno Arocho Esteves - Catholic News Service
Pope Francis weighed in on the debate about whether politicians should be denied Communion because of their stance on abortion.