Jesuitical March 27, 2020
An interview with Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, Ky.
Catholic News Service March 26, 2020
Among the many resources on the USCCB page are lists of websites for Mass being livestreamed by various outlets, such as Catholic TV and EWTN, on various internet platforms.
"Synodality," which literally means "walking together," has become a key topic of Pope Francis' pontificate, but one which has raised questions and even confusion.
Catholic News Service March 04, 2020
His statement came in response to angry reaction to the Mass by Robert Hoatson, co-founder of Road to Recovery, an sexual abuse victims' advocacy group.
Gerard O’Connell February 23, 2020
The pope said that discourses from some leaders of new forms of populism bring to mind "speeches that sowed fear and then hate in the decade of the 1930s."
Sister Rose Bertoldo, a member of the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who attended the synod, told CNS the document "left much to be desired in terms of the ordination of married men to (serve in) remote places."