The Editors March 22, 2019
Lay Catholics are ready to lend their expertise, leadership and prayers to heal the wounds inflicted on children and the church by abusers and the leaders who failed to stop them.
Deliver Us March 11, 2019
For the next two weeks, “Deliver Us” will feature four episodes where sex abuse survivors have a chance to tell their stories, in their own words.
Deliver Us March 07, 2019
In this episode, we look at the reforms the U.S. Catholic Bishops drafted after the sexual abuse crisis of 2002. How did these new rules change things for Catholics in parishes around the country?
John Garvey February 22, 2019
Lay oversight of Catholic bishops is needed—but it should be a process that respects the principle of apostolic succession while providing a check on the successors of the apostles.
The Editors February 08, 2019
Hopes are high (perhaps too high) that the summit will bring about significant and lasting change.
James T. Keane January 29, 2019
What exactly is Pope Francis suggesting?