Pope Francis

“It definitely will save lives, especially in countries where there is active persecution of L.G.B.T.Q. people.”
Pope Francis’ expression of openness to the idea of laws recognizing civil unions, including for gay couples, to protect their rights does not change church teaching on marriage.
Jesuitical October 23, 2020
Do “real Catholics” have to vote for Trump? That’s what Jeannie Gaffigan was hearing following her husband Jim Gaffigan’s uncharacteristically profanity-laced tirade against the president.
A Mexican television broadcaster confirmed Thursday that Pope Francis’ bombshell comments endorsing same-sex civil unions were made during a May 2019 interview that was never broadcast in its entirety.
Colleen Dulle October 22, 2020
Did the pope “endorse” civil unions? (Yes.) Were Francis’ words mistranslated? (No.) Is this “old news”? (Yes and no.)
James T. Keane October 22, 2020
Twitter users swapped "pope memes" last week using digitally altered images of Pope Francis celebrating the Eucharist. Was it harmless fun or sacrilege?