John Anderson is a television critic for The Wall Street Journal and a contributor to The New York Times.
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonApril 05, 2019
Under a remarkably convincing recreation of 1819 England is both the brutality and the self-righteousness exhibited by the haves, when the have-nots ask for more.
Photo courtesy History
Arts & Culture Television
John AndersonMarch 22, 2019
A new series on History approaches Jesus and his followers as humans rather than as stained-glass icons.
Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman in ‘The Bells of St. Mary‘s’ (photo: Alamy)
Arts & Culture Books
John AndersonMarch 08, 2019
Crosby was the most Catholic superstar the United States has ever seen.
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonFebruary 06, 2019
Who, exactly, was the fastidious, mustachioed Hercule Poirot?
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonJanuary 11, 2019
“La Religieuse” has been assailed as an attack on the church itself. And by people who had not even seen the film.
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonDecember 28, 2018
“Vice” isn’t a dishonest movie, exactly. It just enables dishonesty.
Clockwise from top left: "The Favourite," "The Death of Stalin," "First Reformed and "Roma"
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonDecember 21, 2018
The best movies from this year were about family, both natural and improvised.
Photo: Sony Pictures Classics
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonDecember 14, 2018
Nadine Labaki’s new film is set amid the supreme chaos of current-day Beirut.
Photo: Focus Features
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonDecember 07, 2018
The messages of “Mary” that can be applied to our own age are received early, and often.
Photo: Netflix
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonNovember 30, 2018
There is a richness to “Roma” that will likely take multiple viewings to absorb. Every gesture is revealing; every image is a window.