Patrick Gilger, S.J. October 21, 2020
Jason Blakely show that the very tools we human beings use to try to understand the world in fact end up constructing it, for better or for worse.
Eve Tushnet October 16, 2020
Stephen Graham Jones's new novel creates an extraordinary portrait of sacrifice and costly reconciliation.
Mike Mastromatteo October 16, 2020
The stories in Valerie Sayers's new collection are populated with characters who strive to hang on to something good.
Cynthia-Marie Marmo O'Brien October 16, 2020
Sarah Ramey in her new book: "My case went unsolved for fourteen years because no one would listen to me and the reason they would not listen to me is because I am a woman.”
James T. Keane October 16, 2020
Charlie Kaufman's debut novel is not for the faint of heart. But it rewards the effort to read through a story about self-perception and the internal monologues that rattle through all of our heads.
Maureen O'Connell October 02, 2020
Using familiar methods of interpretation, Christopher Pramuk translates stories that illuminate paths to the transcendent when communicated through the arts.