Tom Deignan June 15, 2018
Writer William Trevor never shied away from something like the Gothic, the nearly horrific side of everything from romantic passion to parenthood.
The true story of a young recruit who takes on three deployments in Iraq over five years.
Rob Weinert-Kendt June 11, 2018
Rodgers and Hammerstein created tuneful diversions but also some of our nation's most enduring entertainments.
Roger Haight, S.J. June 05, 2018
Through his spiritual commitment to his people, Romero gradually learned in a new way the deep meanings of Christian faith and acted them out in our turbulent world.
William Bender June 05, 2018
Reviewing Seymour Hersh's memoir, "Reporter."
Diana Macalintal June 01, 2018
David Haas gathers 132 songs from among his most widely known pieces, like “Blest Are They,” “We Are Called,” “Now We Remain” and “You Are Mine,” and others not as familiar.