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Gregory Hillis
There is much within Sohrab Ahmari's new book that can and should speak to all Catholics, traditionalist or otherwise. More troubling from a Catholic perspective are Ahmari’s chapters on politics and on sex.
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Michael E. Engh
A Jesuit and an Italian, Giovanni Grassi, S.J., undertook a project to explain the United States to other Italians in 1818.
Jon M. Sweeney
The essential Merton is all of these books taken together. Read them all, and in this order, if you can.
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Drew Christiansen
The decades since the Second Vatican Council and the declaration "Nostra Aetate" have seen much fruit in the form of Jewish-Christian collaboration and dialogue.
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In 'The Last Brahmin,' Luke Nichter presents Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. as a man who, from cradle to grave, loved his family and his country, the ideals of both of which he tried to live up to his entire life.
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Benjamin Ivry
‘Lifeblood of the Parish’ is an ethnographic look at Italian-American communal rituals in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.