Patrick Gilger, S.J. February 22, 2019
In 'The Dangers of Christian Practice,' Lauren Winner shows that even our holiest religious practices create characteristic distortions.
Joseph McAuley February 22, 2019
Arnold Offner's biography shows Hubert Humphrey as a serious man who sought a serious goal: the betterment of his fellow Americans, whether through persuasion or legislation.
Paul Mariani February 22, 2019
Frank Bidart tells us he came the closest to finding himself in his own poetry—and even then, not really.
Michael V. Tueth, S.J. February 22, 2019
Jerome Neyrey's new book displays the many ways in which Jesus was not only “like us in all things” but also definitely a person incarnated in his own culture.
Joe Hoover, S.J. February 20, 2019
In Christian Wiman's new book, all easy answers about how spirituality informs the arts and vice versa are given fierce interrogation.
Nick Ripatrazone February 13, 2019
A comprehensive new book takes us all the way through Hell.