Gerard O’Connell March 29, 2020
Pope Francis prayed that “the common effort” against the coronavirus pandemic would make people realize “our need for fraternal bonds as members of one only family.” 
Terrance Klein March 25, 2020
Nothing is more certain than death. Yet normally, nothing is more hidden from our view. We do most everything that we can to not look death in the face.
The WordPalm Sunday (A)
Jaime L. Waters April 05, 2020

Many women followed Jesus, ministering to him. (Mt 27:55)


The WordEaster Sunday (A)
Jaime L. Waters April 12, 2020

Mary of Magdala came to the tomb early in the morning and saw the stone removed. (Jn 20:1)

Terrance Klein March 18, 2020
Horrible things happen in the dark when people are afraid. We must now give witness. If we live in the light, it should be evident. Even in a time of virus.
Terrance Klein March 13, 2020
The call of Christ can appear as one more demand upon your time and energy.