Faith Ideas
Massimo FaggioliSeptember 12, 2017
"Magnum Principium," the new apostolic letter released motu proprio by Pope Francis, is returning authority to regional bishops' conferences in matters of liturgical translation. But why and how?
Arts & Culture Ideas
Eric Sundrup, S.J.August 21, 2017
This past weekend, I was at Doxacon, "The Geek Orthodox Convention."
Arts & Culture Ideas
The story of Austin Steward, a former slave who fought against slavery in northwest New York
Arts & Culture Ideas
Patrick J. HoulihanAugust 03, 2017
Overshadowed in his lifetime, Pope Benedict provided lessons for the world’s peoples and policymakers, then and now.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Rather than simply showing artifacts and manuscripts, the American Writers Museum presents a number of screens and displays, many of them interactive, to engage visitors with the rich heritage of American writers.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Robert F. MorneauAugust 01, 2017
Is there something in the very nature of sin and narcissism that wounds us, that makes us sad?