Vincent Strand March 15, 2019
A March Madness gets underway, the curious coincidence of basketball and American Catholicism comes into view.
Tom Deignan March 08, 2019
There is no way to explain the success of Catholic school athletes without taking into account a wide range of factors—historical, sociological and, yes, spiritual.
Nathan W. O'Halloran, S.J. February 18, 2019
Many people object to anyone, much less a Catholic priest, engaging in what they see as recreational violence.
Peter Fleming February 08, 2019
In the age of “Hot Desks” and “Hoteling,” we need to look to Jesus, the great sitter.
Jim McDermott February 01, 2019
Hopepunk insists there are streams of life-giving water all around us—stories, people and experiences to which we can still turn for inspiration and renewal.
Brandon Sanchez January 31, 2019
When I was 19 years old, a production company paid me to attend the Super Bowl.