Ryan Di Corpo November 09, 2019
Mr. Byrne, best known as the dynamic frontman of the 1980s art-rock outfit Talking Heads, is a kind of besuited Renaissance man.
Robert Dean Lurie November 01, 2019
The technological changes Guardini witnessed during his lifetime (1885-1968) were far more dramatic, jarring and violent than anything we are likely to see in our own era. Yet the deeper I go into his writings, the more convinced I become of their urgency and relevance in the here and now.
 “The Good Samaritan” by Jan Scorel, 1537 (photo: Alamy)
Michial Farmer October 23, 2019
Abstraction is fundamentally inhuman, even anti-human.
In Wim Wenders’s film “Wings of Desire,” the protagonist, an angel named Damiel (Bruno Ganz), is tired of spending eternity as a pure spirit (photo: Alamy).
Margaret Tucker October 18, 2019
In ‘Wings of Desire,’ Damiel is tired of pretense, tired of spending eternity as a pure spirit.
Bill McGarvey August 15, 2019
“I was very much introduced to the Catholic world through Buckley,” David Brooks says about William F. Buckley Jr., the founder of National Review and one of the leading intellectuals of the conservative movement in the United States beginning in the mid-1950s.
Bill McGarvey August 15, 2019
The long pilgrimage of David Brooks has led him to explore Christianity and embrace a life lived in tension.