Christopher Sandford November 19, 2020
'The root of the diseased moral condition of the age,' one Catholic author wrote.
David Dark November 12, 2020
If the price of admission within your peer group is the frequent suppression of your conscience, I would like to argue that the price is too high.
Photo: franckreporter/iStock
Thomas P. Harmon October 16, 2020
The question Lewis proposed is analogous to the one we have to deal with now: What use is it to study during wartime? 
Molly Cahill October 02, 2020
We meet Gloria the journalist, world-traveler, daughter, friend and reluctant spokeswoman of the feminist movement.
Lindsay Chessare September 18, 2020
This production of ‘Godspell’ is striving to be the benchmark for a possible future for theater.
Engraving from 1894 showing Galileo Galilei at the Inquisition in 1633 (iStock)
The Galileo story is presented as a narrative of the church denying science. But that implies that science is a single, monolithic worldview. Part history, part science fiction, the Galileo story is less a legend than a myth.