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Graham Greene crafted some of English-language literature's finest works, part of a fascinating life marked by bouts of uncertainty and the certainty of doubt.
It is an extraordinary testament to a person’s pastoral care when they are remembered as someone who was a steady presence in the most difficult times.
Five years after Pope Francis convened an unprecedented summit on sex abuse, the Catholic Church’s in-house legal system and pastoral response to victims has proven still incapable of dealing with the problem.
The cardinal's warning comes after lay German Catholics involved in the Synodal Path called on the bishops to defy Rome and stick to the reform course.

I will walk before the Lord, in the land of the living. (Ps 116:9)

The Vatican has been trying for years to debunk the idea that its vaunted secret archives are all that secret. But a certain aura of myth and mystery has persisted — until now.
Karla Bellinger teaches and coaches preachers, mostly ordained Catholic men to give effective homilies. Preaching is a “pastoral act,” she says. Through every homily, “you want your people to come closer to God.”
They will continue to focus on the theme: “For a synodal church: communion, participation and mission.”
Professor Terence Sweeney joins Jesuitical to talk about Exodus 90—why people love it, what it leaves out and what Catholics who don’t participate can learn from it.
André 3000's new album and accompanying tour, “New Blue Sun,” highlights the spiritual restlessness of an artist who has achieved everything, but is still searching for meaning by looking towards the heavens.