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Michael O'Brien
To this day, my best friends are people I grew up with on Staten Island. But I am ashamed of how some members of my community have reacted to the recent arrival of migrants.
A migrant and her daughter wait for aid outside the offices of Catholic Charities in New York City, Aug. 16, 2022, after being transported via charter bus from Texas. (OSV News photo/David Delgado, Reuters)
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Delaney Coyne
According to the mayor’s office, more than 104,000 migrants have arrived in New York since the spring of 2022. Many went straight to Catholic Charities for help.
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The Editors
The United States needs to repent and believe. Until then, there will be no justice for immigrants, neither here nor in their home countries.
Supporters of presidential candidate Bernardo Arévalo of the Seed Movement party protest in Guatemala City, Guatemala, July 13, 2023, outside the Guatemala Attorney General's office to demand respect to the results of the Guatemala first round of presidential elections. (OSV News photo/Cristina Chiquin, Reuters)
Politics & SocietyDispatches
David Agren
Bernardo Arévalo campaigned on an anti-graft agenda in a contest that many in Guatemala had assumed was rigged from the start against insurgent candidacies.
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Brooke Schultz - Associated PressKimberlee Kruesi - Associated Press
For nearly 30 years, Democratic and Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania have approved millions of taxpayer dollars for an anti-abortion program.
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Kate Scanlon - OSV News
Just three of the top nine Republican candidates have said they would sign a federal abortion limit sought by a prominent pro-life group.