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Matt Malone, S.J. December 14, 2018
Each year, America’s editor in chief (yours truly in the present instance) will take an in-depth look at a public figure whose Catholic faith plays a meaningful role in his or her life and work.
Governor John Bel Edwards speaks at the opening session of the Louisiana Legislature in Baton Rouge on March 12. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert, Pool)
Matt Malone, S.J. December 14, 2018
John Bel Edwards is bringing “common sense and compassion” to the governor's office in Louisiana. Is the pro-life Democrat a model for how his party can win Catholic voters nationwide?
President Donald Trump speaks to members of the media before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House on Nov. 26. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
Ellen K. Boegel December 10, 2018
A recent disruption of the balance of power between a chief executive and the Fourth Estate was the Trump administration’s revocation of CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s White House “hard pass.” The action was met by unanimous opposition from the press.
It is understandable to react with anger to dehumanizing speech, but a thoughtful approach can help to de-escalate tensions. (iStock/Juanmonino)
Saadia Ahmad December 06, 2018
Confronted with a political candidate’s Islamophobic language, the author chose not to walk away or to pounce in anger, but to reach across a divide.
In this Nov. 8, 1988 file photo, President-elect George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara wave to supporters in Houston, Texas after winning the presidential election. (AP Photo/Scott Applewhite, File)​​​​​​​
Terrance Klein December 05, 2018
If you are wondering about those who lead you, ask yourself: Do they call you to something higher, something that demands your own growth?
America This Week December 05, 2018
This week's guest is J.D. Long-García.