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Sam Rocha
Túpac Shakur is widely recognized as a musical pioneer. On what would be his 50th birthday, it is time to recognize him as a prophet as well.
Sean Salai, S.J.
“Scandal” is a word often heard used in recent months by U.S. bishops regarding the best ways to provide pastoral care and communicate authentic church teaching to pro-choice politicians who identify as Catholic.
People mainly from Morocco stand on the shore as the Spanish Army cordons off a beach at the border of Morocco and Spain in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on May 18. Ceuta faced a humanitarian crisis after thousands of Moroccans took advantage of relaxed border control in their country to swim or paddle in inflatable boats into European soil. (AP Photo/Javier Fergo)
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Bridget Ryder
Relations between Morocco and Spain are complex, fraught with clashing political and economic interests—with thousands of migrants caught in the middle.
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David AlbertsonJason Blakely
The temptation in current U.S. politics is to treat all of one’s opponents the same: not just evil, but blameworthy for every imaginable form of evil.
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Todd SalzmanMichael G. Lawler
And three other ways they can improve their Catholic voting guide before the next election.
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Gregory Hillis
There is much within Sohrab Ahmari's new book that can and should speak to all Catholics, traditionalist or otherwise. More troubling from a Catholic perspective are Ahmari’s chapters on politics and on sex.