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Police officers in Half Moon Bay, Calif., detain a man believed by law enforcement to be the Half Moon Bay mass shooting suspect.
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OSV News
“The recent shootings in Monterey Park and now in Half Moon Bay remind us of how fragile human life is, but also how precious human life is.”
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This week on “Jesuitical,” Zac and Ashley talk with Brad Onishi, the author of ‘Preparing for War: The Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism — And What Comes Next.’
Christians have reasons to be hopeful, even in an age of bitter divisions.
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Robert Aaron Wessman, G.H.M.
When the metaphor of “war” infuses headlines, surfaces in conversations, and saturates all our minds, it can have a profound influence on the life of the church—often with unintended consequences.
A pro-life sign is displayed March for Life rally in Washington.
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Christina Bennett
It would be wonderful to live in a world where we don’t need to march because every child is protected from violence in the womb. But today there are still thousands of children sacrificed daily on the abortion “altars” of convenience.
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Richard G. Malloy
Jordan Peterson has gained celebrity by offering strategies for coping with modernity. But his fellow Canadian, the Jesuit Bernard Lonergan, offered strategies that were more holistic in nature and incorporated the whole community.
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Jim McDermott
Mel Gibson's past history of antisemitic remarks and behavior means holding him up as a leader is not only wrong, it’s dangerous.