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side-by-side headshots of nancy pelosi and archbishop salvatore cordileone
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Kate Scanlon - OSV News
In a March 27 statement to OSV News, Archbishop Cordileone, who previously barred Pelosi from receiving the Eucharist in his archdiocese, said, “We know from science that life begins at conception.”
president donald trump speaks at a podium in front of televised american flag
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Christopher Parker
Former Missouri senator John Danforth said he has revisited his 1999 report since learning about the Trump rally in Waco and noticed similarities between the rhetoric of Mr. Trump and the conspiracy theorists of the 1990s.
Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stands in front on the U.S. Capitol
Michael J. O’Loughlin
Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi cited the Gospel of Matthew as the motivation for her focus on social justice issues and said that U.S. bishops have focused too narrowly on abortion at the expense of other societal challenges.
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Julie Asher - OSV News
The bishops urged “particular care” be taken “to protect children and adolescents, who are still maturing and who are not capable of providing informed consent” for surgical procedures or treatments such as chemical puberty blockers.
a cross in between two black and white stock image heads with a blue background, the heads face away from each other
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Sam Sawyer, S.J.
What is the way out of polarization? And why does that question—along with the now-commonplace observation that society suffers from deepening divisions about everything from gun control to abortion to public funding for religious schools—seem so exhausting?
a bas relief sculpture of black people from slavery to emancipation with holy spirit above them
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Our readers
Read the responses to Christopher J. Kellerman, S.J., on the Catholic Church's history with slavery. Comments were gathered from the online version of the article.