Sharon Jones from Columbus, Mississippi is featured in ‘Our Towns,’ a new documentary from James and Debra Fallows on HBO.
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Nicholas D. Sawicki
“People’s lives are complicated every place you look, and just as complicated as your own life is,” says author and director James Fallows.
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Kevin Christopher Robles
The show attempts to juggle a number of different issues and themes, but chief among them is a commitment to being a meditation on modern racial animus in the United States, and it does not shy away from controversial topics and ideas.
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John Dougherty
As a kid, my favorite show was about death. Strangest of all, I watched it on the Disney Channel.
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Angela Alaimo O'Donnell
A new PBS documentary makes us ask: Is it possible to admire the art produced by a writer whom the reader dislikes, disdains, perhaps even despises?
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Zac Davis
It is the perfect time to sink into the couch and run through the most hopeful show on television: “Ted Lasso.”
Police stand outside of Wrigley Field. (Chicago Story Film, LLC)
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Rob Weinert-Kendt
For true Chicagoans, theirs is the greatest American city, and also the one most in need of change.