America Staff September 03, 2020
When off-the-clock, chances are we're enjoying a really good show.
Courtney Vance, Jonathan Major and Jurnee Smollett in ‘Lovecraft Country’ (phoot: HBO)
Jim McDermott August 25, 2020
Placing three Black characters at the center of a new TV series yields fresh, unexpected turns.
Gaby Guerrero July 24, 2020
This documentary can be considered one more piece of the recent American narrative pushing us continually to wake up to our past injustices.
Photo: Netflix
Mike Seay July 17, 2020
I was caught off guard by the show’s artistic experimentation, nuanced spiritual message and deeply moving season finale.
Michael Cimino as Victor Salazar in ‘Love, Victor’ on Hulu (photo: Hulu).
Stephen G. Adubato July 10, 2020
“Love, Victor” raises important questions about how same-sex desire is construed across religious and ethnic divides.
Maeve Orlowski-Scherer July 02, 2020
A cartoon series from a decade ago proves to have profound lessons for today.