Anthony Hopkins and Florence Pugh in the new Amazon/BBC version of ‘King Lear’ 
Rob Weinert-Kendt October 05, 2018
A new adaptation from the BBC and Amazon makes ideal use of a sensational cast of British actors.
Olga Segura September 28, 2018
"Bob's Burgers," created in 2011, returns for its ninth season on Sept. 30.
Ciaran Freeman September 27, 2018
In these crazy times we owe it to ourselves to ask the tough questions. Will “God Friended Me” help us to do so? As of yet, I am not convinced.
Jim McDermott September 17, 2018
When “American Vandal” debuted on Netflix last year, it seemed to be positioning itself as the raucous send-up of the true crime genre. In Season Two, there is a much sharper edge to this new premise.
James T. Keane September 07, 2018
"Lodge 49” is a "very personal story" for creator Jim Gavin. "It’s about losing a parent and losing everything you worked for as a family."
Roy Moore with Sacha Baron Cohen (photo: Showtime)
Bill McGarvey August 02, 2018
As an agent provocateur, Cohen’s new show had an impact before it even aired.