John Turturro plays Rabbi Bengelsdorf in the HBO adaptation of ‘The Plot Against America’ (photo: HBO)
Rob Weinert-Kendt March 18, 2020
Reality may have caught up to Philip Roth’s imagination.
Photo: Netflix
Eve Tushnet February 13, 2020
The final season of “BoJack Horseman” gives many of its characters endings about as happy as they can manage.
Isabelle Senechal February 12, 2020
If Jesus Christ were to return to initiate an apocalypse in the Year of Our Lord 2019, how would we receive him? “Messiah” may have a prophetic vision.
Photo: IMDB
Jim McDermott February 01, 2020
Watching the finale, my mind wandered through places in my life that have been special to me.
Jyuddah James, Rose Williams and Crystal Clarke in ‘Sanditon’ (photo: PBS)
Rob Weinert-Kendt February 01, 2020
Series creator Andrew Davies has made explicit much of what is implicit in English novels of the period, including matters of sex and race.
Unlike souls in our Christian world, which are said to be immaterial and immortal, dæmons in Philip Pullman’s books are both material and mortal (photo: HBO). 
John J. O’Keefe January 07, 2020
The eco-spiritual ideas so evident in the books are not present, but they may appear in Season 2.