Rhona Tarrant is America's Dublin correspondent.

Pope Francis waves to the waiting crowds on College Green, Dublin, as he travels in the Popemobile during his visit to Ireland on Aug. 25, 2018. (Joe Giddens/PA via AP)
Faith Dispatches
Rhona TarrantAugust 25, 2018
Pope Francis had to note the many protests that followed along his parade route in Dublin. Outside Dublin Castle a group held a banner that read, “We Will Never Forget,”’ and chanted “Keep our children safe.”
Politics & Society Dispatches
Rhona TarrantJune 20, 2017
The international press lauded the election of an openly gay son of an Indian immigrant as a sign of how progressive our tiny little island had become.
The current National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street Hospital in Dublin
Politics & Society Dispatches
Rhona TarrantMay 02, 2017
The fact that the government handed ownership of a new $330 million state hospital to a religious order has led to a national debate over the continued involvement of the Catholic Church in Ireland’s health care system.
A Republican mural in West Belfast on March 2. A historic vote has upended the political landscape in Northern Ireland. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Rhona TarrantMarch 07, 2017
For the first time since the partition of Ireland, Unionists are not in a majority in Stormont, where Northern Ireland’s parliament meets.
A section of the Peace Wall that divides Catholic and Protestant communities cuts its way through West Belfast, Northern Ireland. (CNS photo/Cathal McNaughton, Reuters)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Rhona TarrantJanuary 26, 2017
"The church is in a different space," says Archbishop Martin. "We must be more invitational, using a ministry of presence, gently explaining the message of the church and inviting people in."
Photo courtesy of Home Sweet Home - www.homesweethome.irish
Politics & Society Dispatches
Rhona TarrantJanuary 10, 2017

The illegal occupation came at the end of a year during which Ireland has seen record numbers forced onto the streets.

Politics & Society Signs Of the Times
Rhona TarrantNovember 09, 2016
The call to liberalize Ireland’s abortion laws has created significant political pressure.
Politics & Society Dispatches
Rhona TarrantOctober 26, 2016
The assembly will be examining what is widely referred to as the Eighth Amendment, which gives effect to Ireland’s ban on abortion.
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Politics & Society Signs Of the Times
Rhona TarrantSeptember 15, 2016
Once over money and territory, violence in the country has taken a more destructive turn.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin
Rhona TarrantAugust 11, 2016
The Archbishop of Dublin taking to the national airwaves to address “Grindr, which is a gay dating site,” managed to jolt the listening public in Ireland.