Wyatt Massey is an O'Hare Fellow at America, writing about social justice and producing podcasts. He is an introvert, runner and self-diagnosed health nut.
Politics & Society Features
Wyatt MasseyJune 28, 2017
Reconnect Brooklyn is investing in people rather than properties, the residents who are struggling to remain in Bed-Stuy amid rising costs.
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Arts & Culture Culture
Wyatt MasseyJune 08, 2017
One of attractions to a show like “American Gods” is that it purposefully toys with that concept of belief.
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Arts & Culture Culture
Wyatt MasseyMay 24, 2017
What type of god would force us to believe? Can we even be forced to believe?
Politics & Society Dispatches
Wyatt MasseyMay 17, 2017
“They could bring nearly 12 million people out of the shadows, if they wanted to,” Cardinal Tobin said. “This isn’t about border security. It’s about being attentive to the reality of people who are already in our communities.”
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Arts & Culture Television
Wyatt MasseyMay 16, 2017
Is belief still alive in America? What do we mean when we say “I believe in God” or "I believe in America”? This week’s episode of “American Gods” is a great place to start.
Photo via S-Town. Artwork by Valero Dova
Arts & Culture Ideas
Wyatt MasseyMay 12, 2017
“S-Town” borders on being another American “poverty tour,” which rarely benefits those who are on display.
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Arts & Culture Television
Wyatt MasseyMay 11, 2017
Each week we are gathering four super fans of the show "American Gods"—two Jesuits and two Jesuit grads—to discuss some of the themes and pull out the central questions.
Faith Laudato Si
Wyatt MasseyMarch 28, 2017
President Donald J. Trump’s executive order to repeal key policies meant to curb global warming is a direct contradiction of Catholic social teaching on caring for the environment.
Pope Francis tries on a sombrero while meeting journalists aboard his flight to Havana on Feb. 12. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)
Faith News
Wyatt MasseyMarch 10, 2017
When the pope gets on a plane, reporters go on high alert.
Pope Francis smiles as he arrives to lead his general audience in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican on May 18. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)
Faith News
Wyatt MasseyMarch 10, 2017
Monday marks the fourth anniversary of Pope Francis’ election. Here are the top 10 highlights of his time in office.