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Collage of the 10 Greatest Catholic School Movies of All Time
Arts & Culture Film
Ciaran FreemanAugust 30, 2019
Catholic schools are the perfect setting for a film. These are the best 10.
(photo: Evelyn Akhmerov/Unsplash)
Arts & Culture Architecture
Ciaran FreemanJuly 12, 2019
Part sculpture, part landmark, it is unclear what purpose the structure plays in the public sphere.
Arts & Culture Art
Ciaran FreemanJune 14, 2019
Every other year it hosts the Whitney Biennial, which famously asks the question: What is art in America today? A question that can be broken down into two separate lines of inquiry: What is art? And, what is America?
Arts & Culture Art
Ciaran FreemanJune 07, 2019
Recently, images of a new mural painted by Chloe Becker—a junior at Magnificat High School in Rocky River, Ohio—have been moving through Catholic circles on social media.
Arts & Culture Film
Ciaran FreemanMay 31, 2019
Should filmmakers make the pain of addiction bearable to watch? In "Beautiful Boy" and "Ben is Back" they try.
Arts & Culture Theater
Ciaran FreemanMay 14, 2019
It's been 10 years since Lin-Manuel Miranda took his shot and performed at the White House Poetry Jam. We talk to Amber White, stage manager at "Hamilton" to learn more about the hit musical.
Arts & Culture Books
Ciaran FreemanApril 26, 2019
If there is a single artist working today who truly gets flesh, it is Jenny Saville.
Arts & Culture Art
Ciaran FreemanMarch 01, 2019
I sat down with the artist, Carlos Vega, at the Jack Shainman Gallery, to talk about his new exhibition "Correspondences" and find out why he paints the saints.
Arts & Culture Film
Ciaran FreemanFebruary 15, 2019
Fr. Eric Sundrup, S.J. sat down with John Anderson, Eloise Blondiau and Bill McGarvey to discuss the Oscars for a special edition of America This Week. Who do you think should win the Academy Award for Best Picture?
Arts & Culture Film
Ciaran FreemanFebruary 08, 2019
Sin is presented as systemic in “Never Look Away,” built into the structure of German society.