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Arts & Culture Television
Ciaran FreemanSeptember 27, 2018
In these crazy times we owe it to ourselves to ask the tough questions. Will “God Friended Me” help us to do so? As of yet, I am not convinced.
Arts & Culture Art
Ciaran FreemanSeptember 21, 2018
David Wojnarowicz's place in the history of American art is conflicted. He is likely best remembered for his involvement in the culture wars. But, removed from the stigma of a polarized culture war, what observations can we take away from this exhibition?
Faith News
Ciaran FreemanSeptember 10, 2018
Creighton, Fairfield and Santa Clara all earned the top spot in their respective geographic regions.
Arts & Culture Film
Ciaran FreemanSeptember 07, 2018
Jeremiah Zagar’s new film does more than just entertain. It transports us to a world we do not know.
Ciaran FreemanAugust 29, 2013
With Syria still on the forefront of everyone 39 s minds Drew Christiansen S J wrote a piece nbsp on this blog about what the international community should do next A Syrian born patriarch spoke with Catholic News Service and said he believes that intervention will spread like a world war The
Ciaran FreemanAugust 27, 2013
Today rsquo s news is dominated by the developing crisis is Syria International pressure is building for a retaliation to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government Many in the military are wary of the ability to take out all of Syria rsquo s chemical weapons from the air Archbis
Ciaran FreemanAugust 26, 2013
In his weekly message after the recitation of the Angelus on Sunday Pope Francis once again called for peace in Syria nbsp It was also announced that Pope Francis would meet with refugees from the Jesuit Refugee Service in Rome next month nbsp In Damascus people are praying and fasting for the sa
Ciaran FreemanAugust 20, 2013
nbsp Catholic Relief Services is urging Congress to look deeper into the issue of immigration specifically to try and reduce the need for migration in other countries and to look for the root causes of these migrations nbsp nbsp nbsp Flash flooding in Manila has claimed the life of seven and fo
In All Things
Ciaran FreemanAugust 19, 2013
Coptic Catholic Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac Sedrak speaking on behalf of Catholics in Egypt stated that the violence in his country is not ldquo a political struggle between different factions but a war against terrorism rdquo He also reaffirmed the strong Christian support for the military and po
Ciaran FreemanAugust 15, 2013
Today marks the twentieth anniversary of Pope John Paul II rsquo s Mass at World Youth Day in Denver Sister Mary Ann Walsh reflects on her involvement with the historic event nbsp Arkmore Kori reports on the recent elections in Zimbabwe while Kevin Clarke looks into the deteriorating situation in