February 4, 2019

Vol. 220 / No. 3

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February 4, 2019

Arts & Culture Ideas
Olga Segura January 25, 2019

Part of Richard Rodriguez's charm is his refusal to play to people’s expectations of who he should be.

Arts & Culture Books
Ron Hansen January 18, 2019

The fascinating premise of Mary Gordon’s lovely little book On Thomas Merton is that, except for his extensive correspondence with Evelyn Waugh and Czeslaw Milosz, Thomas Merton was without literary peers who could perceptively judge, critique and improve his writing.

Arts & Culture Books
Jeffrey Meyers January 25, 2019

His lectures mixed paradox and wit, eccentricity and nonsense while spreading the war cry of beauty amid the agonizing ugliness of 19th-century American dress and décor.

Arts & Culture Books
Jonathan Malesic January 25, 2019

When the essayist Meghan O’Gieblyn was a student at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, a Friday night out meant sidewalk evangelism. She and her friends would draw the plan of salvation on a portable chalkboard, hand out tracts and invite passersby to get saved. O’Gieblyn got few takers.

Arts & Culture Books
Natalia Imperatori-Lee January 25, 2019

Flanagan invites scandal-plagued Catholics to face the reality of our sin with renewed hope with helpful rules.

Arts & Culture Art
Ciaran Freeman November 23, 2018

Behind the camouflage of celebrity, who was the real Andy Warhol?

Arts & Culture Film
Harry Haun January 05, 2019

For years, Paul Schrader refused to write a spiritual film—until "First Reformed."