Politics & Society Short Take
Jonathan Malesic November 10, 2017
It is too late for Louis C.K. to be the model of male feminism. It is not too late for him to be a model of contrition.
In this June 16, 2014, file photo, a homeless man sits on a sidewalk in New York City. (CNS photo/Justin Lane, EPA)
Arts & Culture Books
Jonathan Malesic May 03, 2017
On measures of well-being, residents of the United States fare worse than residents of countries like Canada, Sweden or Japan, all of which are less wealthy but more equal.
(George W. Bush Presidential Center)
Arts & Culture Art
Jonathan Malesic March 03, 2017
Bush’s new exhibition features 66 paintings of wounded veterans whom the former president has come to know.
Arts & Culture Books
Jonathan Malesic October 20, 2016
The book offers detailed guidance on managing decisions a potential college student must make: whether to go to college right after high school, where one should attend and how to find internships along the way.
(image copyright: Netflix)
Arts & Culture Television
Jonathan Malesic October 05, 2016
“Last Chance U,” which will appeal to football fans and non-fans alike, covers E.M.C.C.’s 2015 season in beautiful, intimate detail, from training camp to the last day of class.
(iStock photo)
Jonathan Malesic September 01, 2016
We have to ask if the idea of vocation as a stable place in the world applies to the way careers operate in the American economy.
TIME-CROSSED. Alexa Davolos and Luke Kleintank in “The Man in the High Castle”
Jonathan Malesic January 19, 2016
The dystopian world of ‘The Man in the High Castle’
Arts & Culture Ideas
Jonathan Malesic August 06, 2015
St. Augustine was a comic genius. Is there a funnier one-liner in all of theology than his prayer in the Confessions, “Lord, give me chastity, but not yet”?