Ron Hansen is a novelist and a professor at Santa Clara University.

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Ron HansenMarch 23, 2018
We collaborate with God’s grace and find conformity with Christ, by acknowledging our creaturehood, our temptations, our distractions and expectations, our doubts, our grudges, our compulsions, and by allowing “Christ to pray for us, with us, and in us.”
Faith Faith in Focus
Ron HansenJuly 20, 2017
Why Ron Hansen will never read the Gospels the same.
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Ron HansenApril 25, 2011
Ron Hansen reviews Andrew Dubus III’s memoir of his absentee father
Ron HansenMarch 01, 2010
Gail Godwin writes with the shrewdness and wit of Muriel Spark and a tender, fetching, Southern voice.
Ron HansenSeptember 28, 2009
A frankly confessional memoir from a Catholic author and journalist
Ron HansenAugust 18, 2008
Larry Woiwode's peripatetic life
Ron HansenFebruary 11, 2008
In late October 2004 James Martin S J an associate editor of America got a surprise phone call from the actor Sam Rockwell Sam was developing his role as Judas for an Off-Broadway production of a new play 8220 The Last Days of Judas Iscariot 8221 by Stephen Adly Guirgis Because Sam was
Ron HansenSeptember 26, 2005
September’s end 1877,
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Ron HansenApril 04, 2005
David Plante was born in Providence R I in 1940 the next to last of the seven sons of Anaclet and Albina Plante French-Canadians who were called somewhat sneeringly in Yankee New England Canucks Anaclet was a stoical taciturn quarter-breed Blackfoot Indian who worked humbly for a manufactu
Ron HansenApril 19, 2004
On Aug 15 the feast of Mary rsquo s Assumption a homeless Chaucer scholar on antipsychotic drugs has a vision that convinces him that 14-year-old Francesca Dunn is the Virgin pregnant with the Savior Certain he rsquo s been elected to serve and protect her Chester finds the girl at a Colorado