Natalia Imperatori-Lee is an associate professor of religious studies at Manhattan College in New York and author of Cuéntame: Narrative in the Ecclesial Present (Orbis Books, 2018).

Arts & Culture Books
Natalia Imperatori-LeeJanuary 25, 2019
Flanagan invites scandal-plagued Catholics to face the reality of our sin with renewed hope with helpful rules.
Faith Books
Natalia Imperatori-LeeOctober 19, 2017
There are no epidurals for manuscripts.
Faith In All Things
Natalia Imperatori-LeeNovember 06, 2016
Rigid complementarity cheats both men and women of their full humanity.
Natalia Imperatori-LeeMay 06, 2015
Pope Francis’ penchant for cold-calling Catholics has become a well-known sign of his warmth, candor and attention to individuals. And although not everyone can expect to receive a personal phone call from the pope it does not hurt to be prepared. So we asked a few members of the fai