Olga Segura is an associate editor at America.

Faith Jesuitical
Olga SeguraDecember 07, 2018
This week, we talk with Sister Theresa Aletheia, the founder of the Memento Mori Project.
Arts & Culture Television
Olga SeguraNovember 23, 2018
No member of the Crain family is the same after their summer at the home.
Faith News Analysis
Olga SeguraNovember 14, 2018
The U.S. Catholic bishops voted to accept the first pastoral letter against racism in almost 40 years.
Politics & Society Jesuitical
Olga SeguraNovember 09, 2018
This week, we talk with Steven P. Millies about the role of U.S. Catholics in politics.
Faith Jesuitical
Olga SeguraOctober 19, 2018
Kevin Clarke tells us about his reporting from Iraq.
Faith Jesuitical
Olga SeguraOctober 05, 2018
This week, we talk with Maka Clifford of the Red Cloud Indian School in South Dakota.
Arts & Culture Television
Olga SeguraSeptember 28, 2018
"Bob's Burgers," created in 2011, returns for its ninth season on Sept. 30.
Faith Jesuitical
Olga SeguraSeptember 14, 2018
This week, we talk to Katie Prejean McGrady about her work at the pre-synod gathering and what the church can do to keep young Catholics in the faith.
Arts & Culture Jesuitical
Olga SeguraAugust 17, 2018
This week, we talk with Julio Ricardo Varela, founder of Latino Rebels, a website founded in 2011 that provides news, analysis and commentary about U.S. Latino culture.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Olga SeguraAugust 10, 2018
I probably wouldn’t be reading the Bible as regularly or as attentively without the help of Streetlights Bible and Our Bible.