Vivian Cabrera is an assistant editor for digital media at America. 
Arts & Culture Books
Vivian CabreraNovember 19, 2020
Anne Tyler's new novel can help us realize that life often is not spectacular or about jumping from one big event to the next.
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Arts & Culture Television
Vivian CabreraOctober 09, 2020
Every episode of “Schitt’s Creek” comes with guaranteed fits of laughter as the Roses learn what it means to embrace their own brand of “normal” in a strangely normal town.
Arts & Culture Books
Vivian CabreraJuly 08, 2020
Recommendations from the editors of America magazine, plus some poetry too!
Faith Explainer
Vivian CabreraMarch 06, 2020
It’s Friday and we know what you want to know: What fish sandwich should you eat today?
Arts & Culture Books
Vivian CabreraDecember 27, 2019
Green’s novel gives a firsthand account of what it is like when a person becomes a brand, when one’s every thought, word and move is scripted, scheduled and scrutinized, ready to be devoured by an audience always demanding more.
Faith Faith in Focus
Vivian CabreraOctober 31, 2019
This Day of the Dead, I made two loaves of bread: one to share with colleagues and the less pretty one for myself and my grandpa to share over a cup of cafecito.
Arts & Culture Last Take
Vivian CabreraOctober 25, 2019
The Houston Astros may be down one game in the World Series, but America assistant editor Vivian Cabrera is a true believer.
Arts & Culture Music
Vivian CabreraAugust 30, 2019
Our music superstars sounded and looked a little bit different, one woman, in particular. She was known as La Reina del Tex Mex, the Queen of Tejano music: Selena Quintanilla.
Arts & Culture Books
Vivian CabreraJune 21, 2019
I surveyed America editors and staff to get a list of titles they would recommend for a quick summer read—or perhaps lengthy reading project.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Vivian CabreraMay 03, 2019
I used to get angry that people didn’t really know the Mexico I knew and loved. Angry at everyone who donned the sombreros and ate Taco Bell and shouted “Happy Cinco de Mayo!”