Vivian Cabrera is an assistant editor for digital media at America. 
Arts & Culture Culture
Vivian CabreraDecember 17, 2018
We hope this helps all you last-minute shoppers. And, don’t worry: You can also use this list as a last-minute gift guide Feast of the Epiphany (we won’t tell).
Community Faith
Vivian CabreraNovember 29, 2018
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Arts & Culture Television
Vivian CabreraNovember 16, 2018
In "The Tacos of Texas," Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece explore Texas through the eyes of the taqueros, chefs, owners and abuelitas (“grannies”) responsible for taco culture.
Arts & Culture Books
Vivian CabreraAugust 16, 2018
"The Catholic Cook Book," published in 1965, is exactly that: a cookbook for Catholics and those who want to learn about Catholicism and how it relates to food.
Faith Faith in Focus
Vivian CabreraAugust 16, 2018
Rest assured, my brothers and sisters, Jesus feels your hurt.
Arts & Culture Books
Vivian CabreraAugust 09, 2018
A memoir that includes historical analysis as well as biographical narrative tells the tale of four Mexican-Americans unsure if they belong any longer in their adopted country.
Arts & Culture Books
Vivian CabreraApril 06, 2018
The paradox of being from two places but having no real home is a phenomenon all immigrants grapple with. Jorge Ramos is no stranger to that experience.