Son of Raymond A. Schroth, of Trenton, N. J., a World War I hero and editorial writer and reporter for the Trenton Times, Brooklyn Eagle and New York Herald Tribune for over 40 years, and of Mildred (Murphy) Schroth, of Bordentown, N. J., a teacher in the Trenton public and

Arts & Culture Television
Raymond A. Schroth September 13, 2017
For nearly 20 years, the United States was severely divided by race, and a generational split not seen since the Civil War.
Arts & Culture Film
Raymond A. Schroth August 24, 2017
"Polina," which premieres in the United States Aug. 25, focuses on what it means to find one’s calling in life, particularly one called to dance
Arts & Culture Last Take
Raymond A. Schroth July 12, 2017
How Pope Francis has changed the Catholic Church's relationship with the media
Arts & Culture Film
Raymond A. Schroth July 06, 2017
I am intrigued by new French films that dramatically apply religious principles without the mention of God.
Arts & Culture Art
Raymond A. Schroth June 29, 2017
The New York Historical Society is presenting, "World War I Beyond the Trenches" as part of the 100th anniversary of the United States' entry into World War I.
Arts & Culture Culture
Raymond A. Schroth June 28, 2017
Raymond A. Schroth, S.J., America's books editor, considers shifting masculine ideals in film and literature.
Arts & Culture Culture
Raymond A. Schroth April 24, 2017
A discerning critic of the American project has become a prophet for our time.
Arts & Culture Dispatches
Raymond A. Schroth April 24, 2017
America's books editor surveys interesting recent articles on literature.
Arts & Culture Film
Raymond A. Schroth April 16, 2017
There is hardly a religious word in all of “Heal the Living,” but the film doesn’t need them.
Arts & Culture Of Many Things
Raymond A. Schroth April 12, 2017
Welcome to America's biannual literary review