Joseph J. Dunn is the author of After One Hundred Years: Corporate Profits, Wealth, and American Society. He writes frequently on issues of economic justice.

Politics & Society Short Take
Joseph J. DunnAugust 31, 2020
While cautioning against blind reliance on “unseen forces and the invisible hand of the market,” Pope Francis sees the creative work of business as fundamental to building a just society.
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Politics & Society Short Take
Joseph J. DunnAugust 10, 2020
A federal court recently ruled that access to a “foundational level of literacy” is a basic right. That could spur new reforms to public education, as well as new school-choice options.
Milagrose Sarmiento works the drive-through window at a McDonald’s restaurant in Sitka, Alaska, on April 24. Low-paid workers such as restaurant employees are proving their value during the coronavirus pandemic. (James Poulson/The Daily Sitka Sentinel via AP)
Politics & Society Short Take
Joseph J. DunnApril 30, 2020
The coronavirus is drawing attention to the essential roles of many low-paid workers, writes Joseph J. Dunn, and Washington is treating them better than it did in the stimulus laws passed during the last recession.
Bill and Melinda Gates in June 2009. Mr. Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, is the world’s second richest person and a major source of philanthropic funding. (Kjetil Ree/Creative Commons)
Politics & Society Short Take
Joseph J. DunnFebruary 13, 2020
Wealthy philanthropists are not enemies of democracy, writes Joseph J. Dunn. They can identify and respond to problems long before government can act.
An Amazon warehouse in Sacramento, Calif. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File)
Politics & Society Short Take
Joseph J. DunnAugust 14, 2019
The collapse of a tax incentive deal to bring Amazon jobs to New York was nothing to celebrate, writes Joseph J. Dunn. A “we don’t negotiate” policy is foolish for communities that need jobs.
Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. (iStock/aimintang)
Politics & Society Short Take
Joseph J. DunnFebruary 18, 2019
The confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh and the video of Covington Catholic High School students have launched many discussions about privilege. But private schools in the U.S. have long furthered the cause of democracy.
Politics & Society In All Things
Joseph J. DunnNovember 10, 2016
That comment about “clinging to their guns and Bibles”—maybe that was the beginning.
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Joseph J. DunnSeptember 19, 2016
"The first lesson of the science lab is humility, a prerequisite to wisdom."
Politics & Society In All Things
Joseph J. DunnDecember 10, 2015
The process starts with each of us accepting the concerns of the other, without trivializing or discounting them.
In All Things
Joseph J. DunnSeptember 02, 2015
To change the racial composition of a school, one must change the neighborhood.