Dean Dettloff is America's Toronto correspondent and a junior member of the Institute for Christian Studies.
An Indian Residential school run by the church in the Northwest Territories, year unknown. Credit: Canada. Dept. of Mines and Technical Surveys / Library and Archives Canada
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Dean DettloffApril 30, 2018
"A future Papal visit to Canada may be considered, taking into account all circumstances, and including an encounter with the Indigenous Peoples as a top priority.” It does not say this encounter would mean an apology.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses the congregation during the ceremonial Mass on May 17, 2017, at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal for the city's 375th birthday celebrations. (CNS photo/Dario Ayala, Reuters)
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Dean DettloffApril 20, 2018
The complications of Canadian Catholicism came into sharp relief when Justin Trudeau, a Catholic politician and leader of the popular Liberal Party, became prime minister in October 2015.
A statue of St. Isaac Jogues before the Martyr’s Shrine, Midland, Ont., Canada. Photo by Michael Swan.
Faith Dispatches
Dean DettloffApril 03, 2018
Jesuits hope their unification might be a witness in a nation riven by cultural trauma.
A silver mine of Potosi, Bolivia. iStock photo.
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Dean DettloffFebruary 16, 2018
The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops praised the new ombudsperson office, noting it “has called attention to concerns and complaints involving Canadian-based and/or Canadian-registered companies which operate in other countries."
Hortons hears a Fight for $15. Photo courtesy of Denise Martins
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Dean DettloffFebruary 07, 2018
It will come as no surprise that Canadian economists are divided on the benefits of raising the minimum wage, but proponents say the hike is desperately needed following decades of wage stagnation that has led many Canadians to take on significant debt.
Homeless in Toronto, 2016. iStock photo
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Dean DettloffJanuary 24, 2018
Word of homeless people being turned away from shelters during the cold snap did reach Toronto’s ombudsman office, and an investigation into shelter space and access to it has been initiated.
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Dean DettloffJanuary 02, 2018
In 2010, Canada endorsed the declaration as “aspirational” without beginning a process for its practical implementation.
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Dean DettloffNovember 30, 2017
The Ktunaxa First Nation says their way of life is threatened by commercial development in Qat’muk, a mountain region in British Columbia inhabited by the Grizzly Bear Spirit.
Arrival at Kahnawake on Aug. 15. Photo courtesy of Dominik Haake.
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Dean DettloffSeptember 25, 2017
For Canada’s 150th anniversary, which has been met with frustration by indigenous people, the Jesuits had another dialogue in mind.
Small family farmers on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia improved their carrot crop yields and are moving towards organic farming thanks to support from Development and Peace. Photo credit: Kelly Di Domenico/Development and Peace-Caritas Canada
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Dean DettloffSeptember 13, 2017
Canada's Development and Peace has launched impressive public education projects and worked on advocacy campaigns and thousands of economic and community development projects on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable people.