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Helping Gang Members Heal

July 8, 2019

Vol. 221 / No. 1

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Faith Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.June 28, 2019

Welcome back to “America Jeopardy!”, our annual beach-reading homage to America’s most popular game show and everybody’s favorite Catholic magazine.

Politics & Society Editorials
The EditorsJune 28, 2019

Seniors, especially those who live alone, face the same resistance as recent college graduates in an economic and political environment that still promotes the costly option of a single-family home with a front lawn and two-car garage.

Politics & Society Editorials
The EditorsJune 28, 2019

The U.S. bishops put forward their first official response to the growing chorus of justifiably angry and frustrated Catholics who want to see concrete measures and public accountability for bishops responsible for clerical abuse and its cover-up.

Faith Short Take
Pia de SolenniMay 28, 2019

As a woman in leadership in the church, I think we are having the wrong conversation when we focus so narrowly on the question of women deacons that we fail to see the ways Catholic women can—and already do—lead.

Armed members of the Mexican Army and state police arrive in Chilapa in 2016 to participate in an operation against organized crime. (CNS photo/Francisca Meza, EPA)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Jan-Albert HootsenJune 10, 2019

According to the federal government, at least 8,493 people were killed during the first three months of this year. If this trend continues, the year will end with approximately 35,000 murders in Mexico—more than the already record-breaking 34,202 homicide victims of last year.

Faith Dispatches

While the new protocols are designed to include laypeople at every stage of an investigation, lay reform groups and victim advocates say they are unsatisfied, as the new rules stop just short of requiring such involvement.

Politics & Society Dispatches

The Munsterschwarzach Abbey in Bavaria began their eco-project in 2000—years before politicians or the German public began to worry about climate change.