Editors and Staff

America Media is a work of the Society of Jesus of Canada and the United States. Jesuits have served on the staff of our flagship magazine since its founding in 1909. In 1999, Patricia Kossmann became the first layperson to serve as a full-time member of the editorial board. Today, the majority of America Media’s editors and staff are laypeople.

President & Editor in Chief

Matt Malone, S.J.

Deputy Editor in Chief

Maurice Timothy Reidy

Executive Editors

Samuel Sawyer, S.J.

Kerry Weber

Sebastian Gomes

Editor at Large

James Martin, S.J.

Production Editor

Robert C. Collins, S.J.

Senior Editors

Kevin Clarke

James T. Keane

J. D. Long-García

Robert David Sullivan

Poetry Editor

Joseph Hoover, S.J.

Vatican Correspondent

Gerard O’Connell

National Correspondent

Michael O’Loughlin

Associate Editors

Zac Davis

Ashley McKinless

Audio Producer

Maggi Van Dorn

Assistant Producers

Colleen Dulle

Kevin Jackson

Video Producer and Director of Photography

Deniz Demirer

Assistant Editors

Joseph McAuley

Vivian Cabrera

Assistant Producer

Colleen Dulle

Creative Director

Shawn Tripoli

Graphic Designer

Alison Hamilton

Contributing Writers

Nichole M. Flores

Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu

Rachel Lu

Eileen Markey

Jim McDermott, S.J.

Kaya Oakes

Nathan Schneider

Eve Tushnet

Contributing Editors

Ellen Boegel

Patrick Gilger, S.J.

Maryann Cusimano Love

William McCormick, S.J.

Paul McNelis, S.J.

Regional Correspondents

Dean Dettloff (Toronto)

Anthony Egan, S.J. (Johannesburg)

Jan-Albert Hootsen (Mexico City)

Jim McDermott, S.J. (Los Angeles)

David Stewart, S.J. (London)

Melissa Vida (Brussels)

Special Contributors

Jake Martin, S.J.

Sean Salai, S.J.

Editor, The Jesuit Post

Brian Strassburger, S.J.

Moderator, Catholic Book Club

Kevin Spinale, S.J.

O’Hare Fellows

Molly Cahill

Erika Rasmussen

Kevin Christopher Robles

Executive V.P. and Chief Operating Officer

Traug Keller 

V.P. of Finance & Operations

Rosa M. Del Saz

Director of Advertising Services

Kenneth Arko

Director of Advancement

James Cappabianca

Advancement Strategist

Heather Trotta

Director of Marketing

Lisa Manico

Special Assistant to the President

Nicholas D. Sawicki

Business Operations Staff

Glenda Castro

Geena Di Camillo

Ana Nuñez

Jonathan Tavarez

Elena Te

Bianca Tucker

Editor Emeritus

Francis W. Turnbull, S.J.

Chair, Board of Directors

Susan B. Braddock