Cecilia González-Andrieu is an associate professor of theological studies at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, Calif., and a contributing writer for America.
Faith Last Take
Cecilia González-Andrieu September 25, 2018
Young adults are ready and willing to take on responsibility for and within the church. And many already have.
Faith Features
Cecilia González-Andrieu July 27, 2018
Just as I saw with my coworkers, the expressions of faith of the poor and vulnerable are occurring against a background of chaos and fear.
Students at Loyola Marymount University organized a march of solidarity in support of undocumented immigrants.
Politics & Society Features
Cecilia González-Andrieu October 18, 2017
Catholics are called to act and to equip ourselves with truth-telling tools to transform the polemics of immigration into a grace-filled response to human suffering.
Politics & Society Last Take
Cecilia González-Andrieu September 05, 2017
DACA is a small and imperfect step in realizing what we Christians assert as truth about the dignity of all.
Arts & Culture
Cecilia González-Andrieu September 01, 2017
Latin American towns, like their exemplars in Spain, reflect in their organization the way the inhabitants lived together as a people.
Faith Short Take
Cecilia González-Andrieu July 21, 2017
The distinction between the disciplines of theological work and how these function in our common life is necessary.
Arts & Culture Art
Cecilia González-Andrieu June 06, 2017

At first encounter, Harmonia Rosales’s “The Creation of God” is striking. It is beautiful and familiar. Like Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam,” Rosales’s painting portrays the creation of humankind.

Faith Features
Cecilia González-Andrieu February 22, 2017
Life lived intensely in God’s love is never convenient.
Politics & Society Last Take
Cecilia González-Andrieu January 31, 2017
We have not loved our nation in spite of its flaws—too often we have covered over those flaws and allowed them to grow.
Politics & Society
Cecilia González-Andrieu November 21, 2016
A majority of Catholics—52 percent—voted for Mr. Trump.