Kerry Weber is an executive editor for America.
Arts & Culture Film
Kerry WeberAugust 16, 2019
‘Blinded by the Light’ captures the angst and joy of being a teenager.
Photo: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Politics & Society Features
Kerry WeberAugust 08, 2019
Perinatal hospice offers compassionate care to children with life-limiting conditions.
Faith Faith in Focus
Kerry WeberJuly 22, 2019
Of course, the train ride was the highlight of his day. But I am hopeful he learned what it means to welcome the stranger.
Faith News Analysis
Kerry WeberMay 17, 2019
Our survey of Catholic women found little opposition to the ordination of women as permanent deacons, but a survey of U.S. bishops revealed more skepticism of the idea.
Faith Faith in Focus
Kerry WeberDecember 28, 2018
If we look at the qualities required to fulfill the request rather than the connotation of the word itself, what is simply being asked of women and men is sacrificial love.
Tomie dePaola
Arts & Culture Books
Kerry WeberOctober 09, 2018
Many of dePaola’s most delightful characters are those who persevere in the worthy effort to simply be themselves.
Faith Faith in Focus
Kerry WeberAugust 15, 2018
I have found myself for the first time truly afraid of what it means to ask and to allow my children to be part of the church.
Arts & Culture Last Take
Kerry WeberApril 24, 2018
Of all the things I looked forward to while pregnant with my son, reading books to him was very close to the top of that list.
Photo by Sarah Noltner on Unsplash
Faith Last Take
Kerry WeberFebruary 02, 2018
The only answers that mattered, some argued, were the ones offered by people who attended Mass weekly or more.
Faith Features
Kerry WeberJanuary 16, 2018
The church may benefit from a more deliberate effort to reach out to Catholic women.