Zac Davis is an associate editor for digital strategy at America and a host of the podcast, Jesuitical. 

Faith Interviews
Zac DavisSeptember 23, 2020
Bishop Barron on talking to atheists, young people and the Black Lives Matter Movement.
Faith Short Take
Zac DavisJune 02, 2020
President Trump’s visit to the St. John Paul II National Shrine continues a pattern of using sacred sites for political stunts, writes America associate editor Zac Davis. This is over the line of what the church should tolerate.
Arts & Culture Television
Zac DavisMay 19, 2020
“The Last Dance” is not documentary but hagiography. Many commentators mean this as a criticism, but here is the thing: Hagiographies are important—and compelling.
Politics & Society Dispatches
Zac DavisMarch 19, 2020
Cyrus Habib is interrupting what had been a rapid political ascent to join the Catholic Church’s largest religious order.
Arts & Culture Books
Zac DavisNovember 15, 2019
The stories in David Means’s latest collection demand and deserve the reader’s full participation.
Community Your Take
Zac DavisNovember 01, 2019
We’re relaunching the commenting experience at America.
Saoirse Ronan and Beanie Feldstein in "Lady Bird" (image via A24)
Arts & Culture Jesuitical
Zac DavisSeptember 20, 2019
Hunter Harris tells us. Also: Lady Bird is the greatest Catholic School Movie ever.
Arts & Culture Books
Zac DavisJuly 12, 2019
Kristen Arnett’s novel is about intimacy and wanting what is forbidden, about childhood and family, about absent parents and absent lovers, and about the secondhand self-destruction that can be wrought by ignoring cries of the heart.
Faith Jesuitical
Zac DavisJune 28, 2019
Nuns and Nones, an organization that brings these two groups—both spiritually seeking, both distinctly committed to justice—together for conversation, relationship and even shared housing.
Detail of mural painted by Chloe Becker at Magnificat High School.
Arts & Culture Jesuitical
Zac DavisJune 21, 2019
Chloe Becker was upset when she realized she could not name a single African or African-American saint.