Since the founding of the first Cristo Rey school in Chicago in 1996, Cristo Rey schools have become a national network with multiple religious orders as sponsors (photo: Sage Baggott).
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Kaya OakesMarch 06, 2020
Since their founding in 1996, Cristo Rey schools have become a national network with multiple religious orders as sponsors.
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Kaya OakesFebruary 04, 2020
A prolific Catholic writer is himself now the subject of a biography from Liturgical Press.
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Kaya OakesNovember 15, 2019
Just as there is a growing number of nones, there is also a growing interest in spiritual direction.
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Kaya OakesOctober 10, 2019
The question of what a pilgrimage means in the modern day loops throughout Timothy Egan’s ‘A Pilgrimage to Eternity.’
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Kaya OakesJune 28, 2019
Working for the church can make it hard to believe in it.
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Kaya OakesJune 21, 2019
Joe Talbot’s film raises the question: what does it mean to belong to a place?
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Kaya OakesJanuary 11, 2019
Because the church has long defined marriage as central to lay Catholic identity, Catholic single mothers have sometimes stayed hidden in the shadows.
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Kaya OakesNovember 09, 2018
Feminism is both necessary for being a Catholic woman and one of the reasons you will be tested as a Catholic feminist.
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Kaya OakesOctober 23, 2018
In Tommy Orange's debut novel, Oakland becomes a character as much as any of Orange’s other individuals: regularly erupting into violence, steadily erasing the history of its impoverished citizens who jump from apartment to apartment, existing in a series of “long, grey streets” that seem to go
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Kaya OakesSeptember 04, 2018
The Nuns and Nones project seeks to bring these two groups together in order to explore new forms of community life, help millennials see models for sustainable activism and create an intergenerational network of connections.