Nichole M. Flores is an assistant professor of religious studies at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 

Faith Features
Nichole M. FloresJanuary 10, 2020
Psalm 137 reflects my longing to return home, even as I am aware that I have idealized it in my earnest efforts to not forget it.
Arts & Culture Features
Nichole M. FloresJuly 12, 2019
Today’s public theologians can be found working alongside the most vulnerable members of society, contributing their deep understanding of Scripture, theology, history, ethics, liturgy and ministry in the real lives of communities.
Faith Features
Nichole M. FloresDecember 13, 2018
Promising demographic data can easily be interpreted in a way that overlooks the textured history of Latino Catholics in the United States, one in which the very existence of Latino church communities has often come under threat.
Arts & Culture Features
Nichole M. FloresMarch 23, 2018
To recognize the specific rights of disadvantaged people is to affirm God's love for all people.
Faith Features
Nichole M. FloresDecember 01, 2017
My grandmother embodied a distinctly Guadalupan presence: prayerful, patient, joyful and strong. Whether nurturing a child, a friendship or a garden, she knew how to help things grow.
Arts & Culture Film
Nichole M. FloresAugust 09, 2017
A team of scientists set out to film the transition of coral from a brilliantly colored living organism to a decaying corpse.
Charlottesville, Va., July 8, 2017 (Photo credit: James Sneed, Flickr)
Faith Faith in Focus
Nichole M. FloresJuly 12, 2017
The church’s opposition to racism should be a consistent and constant force in our country.
Politics & Society Features
Nichole M. FloresMay 12, 2017
How can you shed light on the Catholic tradition without stating anything as truth?
Sojourn's End: Two detained migrant women at a Border Patrol station in Imperial Beach, Calif., in April this year.
Nichole M. FloresOctober 16, 2013
Sexual harassment is an epidemic in the fields of the food we eat. On June 25, PBS and Univision debuted a documentary in the series “Frontline” entitled “Rape in the Fields.” This report exposed the hidden reality of sexual abuse of women who supply American tables with appl